from trading to wealth management, big banks are dabbling in crypto. here''s a rundown of who''s doing what.

2021.09.20 17:07 thebitcoinpartybot from trading to wealth management, big banks are dabbling in crypto. here''s a rundown of who''s doing what.

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2021.09.20 17:07 Saca_ Der BF “Tarkov” Gamemode kommt wohl nicht mit Release, sondern eher irgendwann im ersten Quartal 2022

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2021.09.20 17:07 ballb4ufall247365 What grooming and hygene habits do you look at when you first meet?

Do women look to see if guy has nose or ear hair, their teeth? Guys do you look at a woman's roots, nail teeth ?
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2021.09.20 17:07 svanapps Bitcoin Price Sinks 10% As Market Braces For Macro Storm Ahead

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2021.09.20 17:07 Secure_Worldliness55 Oldie, but goodie 🚀

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2021.09.20 17:07 SuperVids1 Gawt Yo Booty Call Of Duty Warzone Funny Meme #shorts

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2021.09.20 17:07 Lexi_The_G What Keeps People From Becoming Referees?

I'm curious what keeps people in the fencing community from becoming officials? What would it take for you to do it?
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2021.09.20 17:07 BCawk I hope you enjoy this guide analyzing one of the best Zoe Supports in the world!

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2021.09.20 17:07 Bolmki So this happened

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2021.09.20 17:07 Mestival Maki Zenin fanart

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2021.09.20 17:07 marie-maine Abusive ex contacting me and my family 1.5 years after leaving him

Looking for advice or resources on how to handle my current situation.
Back story: i left my boyfriend in February 2020 after learning he had been cheating and using drugs. He was abusive mentally and physically with me throughout our relationship and I finally got the courage to say enough is enough.
I made it clear to him that I wanted no-contact whatsoever moving forward. I blocked him (and a majority of his friends and relatives) on all socoal media, changed my number and moved out of province. I have taken all measures possible to distance myself from this individual.
Since February 2020, he has contacted me on multiple occasions using friend's social media to find me and has made contact with my nephew.
I have asked him to stop contacting me and my family via email.
This weekend I found out that he bought and sent a new laptop to my teenage nephew for "getting a job" which means he is still communicating with my nephew against my wishes. My ex now knows where my sister resides due to the package being sent to her home address and I am extremely uncomfortable with this, as he has shown up in past experiences unannounced. I have additionally explained to my nephew the reasons why he is not to respond or communicate with my ex.
Although he lives in another province, his family still lives near by to where I am currently located and so it would not be unheard of for him to travel this way at some point in time.
Question: What legal options do I have for making it clear he is to not contact me or my family anymore?
I have both photos and recordings to prove his temper and ill demeanor. I had him arrested once for breaking and entering + assault in 2016 so this is on file with the RCMP.
Does anyone have some resources or information as to how I can deal with this once and for all?
Although a ceast and desist letter has crossed my mind, it does not feel like a route that would be respected given that he has not respected the countless times I have told him not to contact me or my family in past.
Thank you in advance for your help!
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2021.09.20 17:07 thepixierawr How can I stop villagers from moving themselves into my house?

I'm wanting to build my house on a cliff overlooking a village, but the last time I did that, the villagers decided to move into my house. Is there any way to keep them from entering? Thanks for any advice!
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2021.09.20 17:07 reido4887 Macmillian Coffee Morning Next Week

my work is joining in the Macmillian big coffee morning next week.
I am after the strangest, most unique cake or traybake recipe you have?
I have looked into quite a few weird and wonderful things but nothing has really landed perfectly with me.
any ideas?
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2021.09.20 17:07 hhh333 Technicien(ne) en documentation recherché(e) à Vaudreuil

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2021.09.20 17:07 International-Oil377 Looking for recommendations

Hello, I'm looking for souls like metroidvania games as it's my favorite genre after dark souls games themselves.
I'm also looking for melee combat.
Not a fan of rogue likes
So far the games i have beaten are these ones (i might forget some, so if they are suggested, I'll add them to my list)
Grime Salt and sanctuary (my favorite one so far) Sundered (really hated the mob system) Playing vigil right now but it's a tad too easy Blasphemous Bloodstained Hollow knight
I have a ps4, stadia, geforce now, and a switch(would like to avoid the Nintendo switch)
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2021.09.20 17:07 bluedotbirb UPDATE: Absurd rules and ridiculous housework. How do I have a conversation with them?

Original post here
TDLR: My NF has decided I have too much downtime during NK's naps (9.5 month girl). they've added hours worth of chores to my list of responsibilities as well as daily dog walking. it extends well beyond the light housekeeping and occasional dog walking outlined in my contract. after reading everyone's comments i realized that im very much underpaid ($16.50 an hour in dallas) and overworked. i've decided i need to talk to them about all of this.
here are the 3 things i need guidance with

  1. how to bring up that we all need to sit down and have a conversation
  2. how to best say what i need to say
  3. a reality check: are my points of concern and new conditions reasonable?
Here are the points I want to bring up in the conversation
I'm not sure how to bring up this conversation or how best to word everything. would it be better if i typed it all out in a letter? i really really don't like confrontation so this is very difficult for me. thanks for any advice (:
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2021.09.20 17:07 Roxas_miko Daddy’s, What do you call your sons??👀

I (29) recently started being called DADDY by my boyfriend (23).
I personally think it’s intensely hot 🥵 especially when he’s moaning “daddy🤤” as I slide myself into him😜😜
My question is: what do you call your sons during sex and otherwise???
Any and all suggestions are welcome 😘😘
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2021.09.20 17:07 tinteoj The Dead Milkmen "Beach Party Vietnam" (1986)

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2021.09.20 17:07 -Nepalien- "sooo, are we gonna talk about that ifunny watermark?"

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2021.09.20 17:07 Thatboimat Ask Reddit Submission Comments

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2021.09.20 17:07 FS1027 Ross Whiteley: Hampshire agree three-year white-ball deal for Worcestershire all-rounder

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2021.09.20 17:07 peoeq 21M UK/Manchester looking for some friends around my age to hang out with :)

Heya! I’m a uni student in manchester but with covid and what not I didn’t get a chance to enjoy uni life last year so I’m gonna try expanding my social circle through here :)
I love: Board/Video Games Computer Science stuff LGBTQ allies American football Ballet Boxing Politics (I’m a communist lmao)
Let’s chat! :)
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2021.09.20 17:07 Innit4theTech Who else loves dips?

I mean it’s a great time to buy more, it’s like Black Friday! Sales everywhere!
If you’re really in it for the tech, then the price shouldn’t matter if you believe crypto is the future, am I right?
I’ve been in crypto long enough to realize that, pumps make money but dips make you even more money! If you’re selling now, you haven’t been in the crypto world for long.
1 BTC = 1 BTC 2 ETH = 2 ETH 3 ADA = 3 ADA 4 MOON = 4 MOON
And nothing is gonna change that!
Don’t get sad or disappointed, enjoy your life. Come back to crypto in a few years and you’ll be happy as fuck!
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2021.09.20 17:07 borteyurte Our Campus Market Coupon Code

Here is the Our Campus Market Coupon Code
Best deals, coupons and discount you can find there. You can find great discounts on there too.
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2021.09.20 17:07 organicvaseline Coping at home is always a never ending overwhelming battle.

I'm stuck at home because I'm unemployed and my mum makes the house uninhabitable!! Everyone in this house is messy, my mum stores ingredients all over the house and moves everything around all the time whether that's ingredients, toiletries, my things, cooked food, dishes, pans, paperwork. I can not even summarise her antics and what a pain she is. I hate the sound of her voice, I feel sick when she uses her nice voice on me because where was that voice growing up, when she was busy screaming down my ear while sh'ed beat me and wash me with ice cold water then leave me with the lights off. I get angry at her when I feel pain in my body because she has caused all my chronic illnesses and it's me that has to live with it and fix it! It is so burdensome to live daily life here, to shower, to eat to sleep. There is also not enough privacy so being in my room doesn't feel like an escape.
I've also put so much time, money, energy and used my health making the house somewhat habitable for myself so I feel it's not worth moving out yet even if I am employed. I'd rather work long hours to be away from home whilst saving money by not paying huge sums of rent. I need to be available for my nephews and nieces. But I need to be at work all the time to escape this family. Yet I also need to be alone and comfortable because I am ill.
I also hate the idea of moving out again. The UK is built in such a way that you just live pay check to paycheck when you're interested in the health field, or are a recent graduate as I am. By the time I pay rent, bills, and food, there will be little money left for a car, for fun, for health or for my nephews and nieces. So yes, maybe I am at fault too for staying, but I can't cope leaving my responsibilities behind.
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