Experimental crazy scientist

2021.09.20 17:17 CryptoMarvelous Experimental crazy scientist

i kiss and have extreme brutal sex with disabled people , these retards always were biting into my testicles since all of them were disabled as shit i made even one go into full time come because of me deep throating that useless bastard , anyways , i always impregnate the disabled retard (its always a middle aged virgin milf) and i always prefer her pussy lips to be inside out and smell like rotten fish and hairy inside. When i impregnate the disabled retard , 9 months later , (note: if its a fucking female then i brutally throw it into either meat machine or ocean) it needs to be always a boy! I then place the baby in an abandoned facility where the baby (chad) feeds on mutilated corpses of afghan children , and the facility is always pitch black , so the fucking hybrited retard evolves into a living cannibal that looks like bogdan brothers in 1 and paul walker's burnt body. After the process , i wait till pride month so gays can go into a large group in a certain neigbourhood. I then plan everything , set that retard free so he can feast on gays.

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2021.09.20 17:17 yari8 How good are pizza rolls?

As an European, I have never eaten or seen pizza rolls before, and they apparently taste really good, is that true? Is there anything that's similar to pizza rolls, like a pizza calzone or frozen pizza so I can sort of try them? I tried looking for them but on a are they're €15 euros for 12, which is uh, a bit overpriced for some frozen pizza
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2021.09.20 17:17 plexagonstuff "Delicious" school lunch fish

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2021.09.20 17:17 Fhczvyd474374846 [PC] (Other) Genshin Impact - 50 Primogems (v2.1)

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2021.09.20 17:17 BreezzyyiiB Ah yes my favorite leonin, Pharsa

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2021.09.20 17:17 Apprehensive_Owl_ My fightstick won't work on the game (pc)

Yeah my controller wont work for some reason. Does anyone know any possible fix?
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2021.09.20 17:17 jkeegan123 Microsoft 365 E3 + Windows Defender

Hey everyone,
I'm having a hard time understanding the difference between Windows Defender levels in the Microsoft 365 E3 platform, and I'm hoping someone can help clarify.
My CSP is telling me Windows Defender IS included in M365 E3 ... but in the bullet sheet from MS, Windows Defender for Malware is included, but not Windows Defender for Endpoint.
What we're trying to do is deliver the equivalent of Carbon Black / Sentinel One from Microsoft, and that used to be Windows Defender ATP ...
It looks like the box is checked / covered in M365 E5, so if we want M365 E3 with Ransomware Protection like CB or Sentinel1, are we covered as my CSP says? Or do we need to do Windows Defender as an add-on?
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2021.09.20 17:17 badvice_p Si te vas, disimular

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2021.09.20 17:17 TN_Egyptologist Funerary Mask of a Woman

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2021.09.20 17:17 Coz829 WB AZELF RAID 7025 1790 8568 OR 9675 0836 7254

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2021.09.20 17:17 horny_jim Shruti Hassan. One of the hottest navels I have fapped to the most.

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2021.09.20 17:17 ImaginationHeavy286 Cum (give me the pass)

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2021.09.20 17:17 Preform_Perform "They also stole an election to get into the position to commit these crimes in the first place" TIL only Republicans can steal or rig elections

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2021.09.20 17:17 ozzymandias26 IEM FALL 2021 Trailer

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2021.09.20 17:17 the_jason_statham Is er een jade discord server

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2021.09.20 17:17 muff_marauder Government tax receipts and deadweight loss look extremely similar when graphed... never forget that.

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2021.09.20 17:17 Mippi_ultima Need Planes/Friends

Hello there! If someone is still playing, my name is MIPXD and I need SeaRama-Clipper. It would be cool if someone sent them to me or add me Ingame.
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2021.09.20 17:17 damngoodiam The Beginning After the End Chapter 122 Release Date And Spoilers

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2021.09.20 17:17 ErikWebdev [For Hire][25$/h] wordpress developer.

Hello, everybody!
My name is Erik Benavides and I'm a wordpress developer with more than two years of experience creating pages with wordpress and other tools.
Instead of working with heavy and full of unnecessary code premiun themes I prefer to work using generatepress, a lightweight and SEO friendly theme (but I can also create custom themes from scratch). This, together with my design skills, allows me to create fast and easy to view pages that allow your website visitors to have a satisfactory experience.
My skilss are:
• HTML, CSS (I use flexbox - CSS Grid for responsive web design).
•Wordpress, woocomerce.
•Adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator, adobe XD.
My hourly rate is around $25/hr, but I prefer work with fixed prices so after hearing about what you need I can given to you an fixed price.
I'm happy to be able to create for you a visually appealing, effective and SEO friendly website.
Yo can view my work and contact me through my portfolio: https://www.erikbenavides.com
or directly to my email: erik.benm@gmail.com
Here you can see some landing pages that I designed some time ago:
Have a great day!
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2021.09.20 17:17 LargeClick9050 chara and frisk part 1: frisk finds out that she had a sister chara

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2021.09.20 17:17 Glum_Tap775 Vaccine

I'll never take your stupid vaccinations , I have never taken a flu shot and Covid19 is a flu virus so if you die you die..
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2021.09.20 17:17 TrippyTiger69 Todays vibe 😎

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2021.09.20 17:17 Kevinlimlulu358 Everything Is Just A Memory

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2021.09.20 17:17 semaforic Justice for the J6 Shaman

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2021.09.20 17:17 kingjamesis Creature Ecologies Warg (MM) , from $$4.95 to $$1.00

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