2021.09.20 16:24 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-napoleone-27

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2021.09.20 16:24 IntelligentDesign77 Met a cool guy with great taste in cars yesterday.

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2021.09.20 16:24 PoppedByRayRomano Anniversary Stream Supercontainers

I received the Twitch containers and mission drops, however, don't see any supercontainers. Was there a limited time to claim that offer that I missed?
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2021.09.20 16:24 yonatandaga Just installed the game. Help? Verified the game twice.

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2021.09.20 16:24 ickybus overview for mwilson6f7uf

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2021.09.20 16:24 xboxfan34 My controller is making everything spin PLEASE HELP

Seriously all Arthur and the camera dows now is spin in a clockwise motion until I unplug the controller. I've tried calibrating it with windows but according to windows my controller works perfectly fine, the axis is correct, all the buttons are registering, but with RDR2 its completely broken.
I feel like this has been happening ever since steam updated the game a couple of days ago. Is there any fix for this?
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2021.09.20 16:24 Asparagus_Classic DIGITAL ONLY---WALGREENS COUPON DEALS 9/19 - 9/25 | FREEBIES!

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2021.09.20 16:24 pertinent_invasion Filtering entries with multiple connected data on adjacent column

Hi all, I'm sorry if my title is confusing, I'm fairly new to excel.
Below is a sample image, basically what I want to do is be able to filter the Topics. But when I filter to see -- Climate Change for example -- it does not show that it is a topic for the "Duis vulputate tempus" book. Would like to ask how I can connect the Title to all the Topics related to it. Thank you all in advance.
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2021.09.20 16:24 psychonautguild would anyone be interested in trading for this mushroom pendant I made? I am open to various things, but especially like trippy arts and crafts. I'm located around Boston.

would anyone be interested in trading for this mushroom pendant I made? I am open to various things, but especially like trippy arts and crafts. I'm located around Boston. submitted by psychonautguild to craftexchange [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 16:24 Lorelei-Grey Tcash

Has anyone seen an up and coming sale on Tcash ? TIA
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2021.09.20 16:24 grevyi [US-GA] [H] GMK Ashes, Anne Pro 2 [W] PayPal

Hey mm!
Looking to see these items:

GMK Ashes Opened but never used/mounted $320 shipped
Anne Pro 2 Used with Kalih Box Whites $70 shipped
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2021.09.20 16:24 Klaasiker Earning Report: $454 in 8 months on DutchyCorp (Crypto)

Earnings would be over $480 if the Crypto Market wouldn't had a drop...
I spent on average maximum 5min per day on this page and was watching Netflix with it.
Here is my full proof of all my earnings and payouts: Most earnings are in BTC (over $200). There are plenty of other coins to earn too but BTC brings the best ratio. Link:
DutchyCorp let's you do tasks and surveys where you get awarded Dutchy Coins. With these coins you are able to let a Faucet running and you can get paid in about 50 coins. Payouts to your Coinbase Account are without fees. How are you able to earn so much on DutchyCorp: - Do the Coin Rolls and Dutchy Rolls for daily Bonus - Run the Autofaucet on weekend with 20% claim Bonus - Do Surveys on Offerwall to be able to earn more DUTCHY and increase your own level - be active to get some free Coins by the RainBot - Go to the Shortwall and click on the pages on a daily base - Run the AutoFaucet with Balance Mode for additional 10%
I did my payouts directly to Coinbase. Payouts are really fast and after about ten seconds you get confirmation of your withdrawal. If you are new to Coinbase, you can get an additional $10 of Bitcoin after you have bought Bitcoin worth $100 with this link:
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2021.09.20 16:24 krishna_rolly Did I go a bit overboard with my bio & pics ? 🤭

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2021.09.20 16:24 RowdyKilderkin Wish I had known

Bought a Creality LD-002H resin printer earlier this year and after my first 2 prints I've thrown away more failed ones than I have kept successful ones. I saw somewhere online a suggestion to lightly apply a water based spray lubricant (ie. WD-40). I didn't have any on hand so tried rubbing a water based personal lube on my FEP and I haven't had any failures since then. Don't know if it's bad for the FEP or resin but its kept me from giving up on the idea of resin printing. Just thought I'd share in case it's helpful to anyone else.
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2021.09.20 16:24 DrummerNate07 Kara and Nate's relationship is CRAZY similar to my wife and I.

So I discovered their channel about a month ago and just finished the 100th country documentary. And I was stunned by everything we had in common. My wife and I aren't from Tennessee but we hail just south of it in Alabama. My name is Nathan, and like Nate, I'm 32 years old. My wife's name is Marilyn, and like Kara, she's 30. We started dating in November 2006, we got married in May 2013, and we have no children. She's my best friend in the whole wide world. Kara and Nate have been such a refreshing inspiration to us and I just wanted to share our story. We've been binge watching all of their videos and it's brought us immense happiness. You guys are truly awesome. Thank you for sharing your lives to the world.
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2021.09.20 16:24 Not-Xtormiken can you please this community ??

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2021.09.20 16:24 youngeilen [XB1]H:Aris/E/25 fixer and B/50cd/15cfm fixer W:Aris/E/25 handmade

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2021.09.20 16:24 NijiKoneko How to talk to someone who shuts down/gets pissed off?

So... My partner has a HUGE anger problem. For a big part of our relationship I bent to that and walked on eggshells to keep the peace 24/7. About 2 years ago I had a huge breakdown, explained how I felt and what I had been doing, and that I couldn't do it anymore because not being true to myself/my feelings was making me physically ill.
Things have been slightly better, but still tense? Anytime anything "serious with negative connotations" comes up, he gets visibly and vocally angry, then shuts down and won't talk at all. Few recent examples - needing to take the cat to the vet, the cat needing surgery, him buying lunch, trying to talk about the issues in our relationship.
While he eventually came to accept taking the cat in, he told me straight out that the idea of spending $350 on a cat for surgery is ridiculous and he doesn't want to do it (he's not, I am, she's my cat).
The lunch thing is because we had $150 left for the month. This needs to cover gas, cigarettes, and any other incidentals. We just went to the store yesterday and used the last of my food stamps (I only get them for myself, not him) to buy him everything he needs for lunch for the week. He cooked and prepped it all last night, all that needs to be done is put into a tupperware container in the morning. He didn't do that, realized BEFORE he left for work that he hadn't, still had time to do it, but decided to just buy lunch at the gas station. So now we have $130 left for the month and I'm fairly concerned. But when I try to ask if there's anything else I can do to help (already driving for uber, Doordash, Grubhub and donating plasma) he gets angry and just says "I got it". NEWS FLASH! He doesn't, at all.
My anxiety is through the roof with no end in sight for quite a bit and I have no support system and I just.... I want to scream.
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2021.09.20 16:24 Upper_Description378 Katelyn Runck

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2021.09.20 16:24 Luck_a_tus_ya [PC] W: AABash damage / VBash damage minigun H: caps, xp/food buff mags, aristocrat 25ffr * pepper shaker.

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2021.09.20 16:24 PinkUnicornTARDIS Update: My child just told me she wanted to be vegan!

So I posted less than 24 hours ago on this site and the responses I've received have been a mixed bag. Some really lovely, but some not so much.
I just wanted to share that the responses I received have made it clear that this isn't the community for me. You've pushed out someone who's in your side with your judgement. Well done.
Don't get me wrong, I'm still gonna be vegan because it's what's right, but I really don't want to be part of a community that's so judgemental to its own members.
Remember that you drove out an ally with your judgement when you're trying to convince omnis to change.
Good luck.
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2021.09.20 16:24 Mehr_DaD Muse announce new VR concert experience ‘Enter The Simulation’

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2021.09.20 16:24 Correct-Rutabaga5742 Don't say it

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2021.09.20 16:24 Additional-Gas-45 It's shit like this

I got out 10 years ago and got a new profession. I was Exec Chef at 24 at the golf course I worked at for 8 years. Achieving that goal made me realize the higher you go, the less actual cooking you do.
I only work 3 or 4 days a week with my current gig.
Kid I used to teach is Sous at a local golf course. They need help like everyone else. I go in and talk to the chef, explain I can help but I only want to do prep. No line work, I don't want to learn the menu, no shit work, etc... He agrees. You need 250 chicken french for a wedding? I GOT THAT SHIT.
They have no dishwashers and at the end of the night it's a warzone. The exec expects me to stay and clean when I made very clear what my desires were. You're paying me shit, I'm doing this as a favor to your Sous, and now you want me to stay a 1/2 hour later to make $7 and clean your dish pit?
My buddy the Sous was there till 3 am BY HIMSELF cleaning the dish pit last Sunday night. I told him that was flat out dangerous.
You shit on the people that help you. You treat your entire staff like garbage.
I now have his sous (my buddy) dropping resume's all over town. He doesn't deserve to get shit on like this. I'll be letting the chef know that I won't be back, due to his inability to understand the terms I laid out.
This shit business never changes.
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2021.09.20 16:24 enchantriz the travel ban will be lifted in november

the travel ban will be lifted in november prepare yourselves for dream team meet up and dream face reveal.
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