eggman, what other character's should i make?

2021.10.26 05:56 cattord eggman, what other character's should i make?

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2021.10.26 05:56 mimimichi oh..

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2021.10.26 05:56 Torture2580 BYD spin-off! Semiconductor returns to GEM

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2021.10.26 05:56 PatientKey6632 .

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2021.10.26 05:56 littleblackmoon FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!

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2021.10.26 05:56 Ccucu SwitchBot Ecosystem Review (Bot, Remote, Hub Mini, Curtain, Solar Panel)

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2021.10.26 05:56 Numerous-Target6765 Problem on console

Any one else on console(I'm on Xbox Series X) been encountering a glitch where you click on play and you get the option between coop and versus but no matter how many times you click on them in won't let you go into them? I'd like to see if I'm the only one or is it a widespread problem
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2021.10.26 05:56 magdelia knowers

Cant enjoy tarkov anymore with the cheaters everywhere. i took a few month break from cheaters. Come back for like 5 raids and every death was pretty sus. a lot of cheaters still or what?
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2021.10.26 05:56 Traditional-Net6504 Ive never said ily to my parents

Ive only told them “me too” every time they say it to me, i don’t know if i find it hard to say or if i feel like it would be weird to say it. Is there a reason for this?
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2021.10.26 05:56 ThekinginYellow27 Tanto petty with maple saya

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2021.10.26 05:56 throwaway_hardly im feeling more hopeless para samin ni mama araw araw

is it bad to feel that way? i mean gets naman na kung isa samin mahina dapat yung isa yung nagbibigay ng lakas for the both of us pero bakit ang hirap? she’s not getting any better. ang daming dapat bilhin. ang daming gastusin. naawa na ko kay mama dahil hindi ko mabigay yung deserve nya. baka kung naging iba yung anak nya wala sya sa kalagayan nya ngayon dahil nabibigay sakanya lahat. ang hirap eh. tipong di ko na alam uunahin ko, halos araw araw akong naghahanap ng paraan para sa pang gastos ni mama sa ospital at para mahatiran sya ng pagkain don at alam kong napapabayaan ko na pag aaral ko. halos di ko na maubo isang linggo na pasok ko. sakit sa ulo. ang sakit sa puso. napapagod na ko.
BTW, lumapit na ako sa lahat ng pwedeng lapitan. yung ovp at pcso it will take a while daw but on process na.
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2021.10.26 05:56 XP_network XPnetwork AMA Summary (18.10.21)

XPnetwork AMA Summary (18.10.21) Live Video AMA with Nir Blumberger CEO and Dima Briukhanov CTO
How does Cross Chain NFT work? What network protocols it follows to complete the transaction. Do you think this will reach in top 50 Cryptocurrencies by the year 2023?
Dima- We use HTTPS, WSS protocols, and the bridge protocol. The bridge protocol consists of several parts. It has smart contracts on-chain and relay validators off-chain. The relay validators listen to the blockchain events by nodes how does the bridge change, and once the event is connecting to the bridge they relay this event by signing this transaction to the target chain. The target chain’s smart contract reaches this transaction to collect the Byzantine Fault Tolerance thresholds, and when it’s reached it realizes this transaction on the target blockchain. Basically, it sends the NFT to the target account.
What are the requirements for becoming a validator in XPnetwork?
Nir- The validation is done by the security layers of XP Network. At the moment XP is not taking validators from outside. This is the semi-centralized model that we upgraded to architecture 2.0 and this is what is live right now in the white paper. So, you can see a whole bunch of explanations about the security there. We control the validation in a such way that we can truly secure the transaction of NFT’s and other information.
Dima- Our validators are to distribute. We have 21 validators each lives in a separated node that is detached from all the other nodes, and we are using a Byzantine Fault Tolerance threshold consensus in order to be able to function properly even if 33% of the validators are down or malicious. Also, the layered security system is applied to the entire bridge so if an intruder breaks through one layer, the other layers will stop the intruder and give us time to turn everything back.
What about a monetization plan? What will be the terms for the ones we want to build here?
Nir — Xp focuses right now on bringing the first solution of the truly valid adopted NFT cross-chain bridge. This is done through the work that we do with our partner blockchains. More announcements are coming soon. Regarding monetization, right now nothing is set in stone in terms of how much we’re going to monetize. What we do know is that the monetization part for XP bridge, which concerns XPNET, is going to be charged in the currency of the users of the bridge, which will be either the dApps, the chains, or the NFT minters, be it a person or a company. It will be a small step for XPnet the day everyone will use the bridge. Right now, we are running testes for the first users that actually implement the XP bridge and move asses, who move NFTs incorporated into their own product, so all dApps, all projects incorporate XPnetwork bridge as their infrastructure, and right now they are testing it. So, for now, it is not how much we are going to monetize but how we will monetize.
Will XPNet have its own blockchain? XPnetwork explorer?
Nir — Yes, we going to have our own blockchain, but after Dima’s team research, we saw a lot of hacks and problems with the deserialized models. We decided that because the XP network holds so much value on those NFT’s which are going to be transferred, it's important to move to the semi-centralized model in a way that we are going to guarantee the security of assets transferred between chains. That means we don’t need an XP explorer and an XP blockchain at this stage but we will see it down the road.
When will we get a glimpse of all the XPnet NFTs?
Nir — Staking is going live today (18.10) and once it’s going live you will have the chance to see and feel the first multi-chain NFTs in the market that is going to be completely chain-agnostic and that means you actually can start practicing with the series of NFT’s that we created and to see how it possible to pay with them and transfer them between chains. It’s all a part of the staking platform.
When is the dApp editor coming?
Nir — The dApp editor and the bridge are the first two products XPnetwork will release. Right now we haven’t given up on the dApp editor but because the editor is a use case built on the technology of the bridge, we will, first of all, introduce the bridge to the market and loop in all the partner chains that we have together. And then we’ll release our own use case dApp editor. Not only that, we are going to launch a whole accelerated program for projects and dApp builders and help them to use dApp editor for building their own dApps.
Will XPnet have a use case in terms of NFT gaming?
Nir — Definitely yes, the way it works, the bridge is connecting to the infrastructure of the dApps. Once the dApps is connected to the API of XPnet all of the NFTs will be able to run natively across all the supported chains.
What was the most challenging aspect of XP development to date?
Dima — The most challenging was the different chains, each having its own standards and we have to comply with all the standards at once or build adaptors when you move a token from one chain to another. And we have to make sure that it looks like a native one on the target chain.
Nir- I agree that is the most challenging part and that is what makes XPnetwork so unique. We are breaking down the walls between the chains. We are unifying them by being supportive of all of the chains, we know how each works and we are holding them all together.
How to verify the NFTs that are moving between the chains?
Nir — For example, if a game uses NFTs and those NFTs are moved through the XPnet bridge, this game will be accessible to the players within the multiplane wallets and not just a specific blockchain.
Dima — We work only with whitelisted smart contracts. If a contract is not whitelisted it won’t be able to transfer an NFTs, and that’s the first thing that protects users from fraudery. The second thing, you shouldn’t be afraid of duplication of your NFT or the metadata will become inaccessible. It will not happen because we are locking the NFTs in the original blockchain and when we are minting NFTs they point to the exact same metadata that was minted in an original chain.
When bridging an NFT back and forth, is the NFT going to be 100% as it was before including its code, even if they are not EVM chain natives?
Dima — We are not creating a new NFT with different features, we are locking the exact NFT in an original chain and when we are minting a wrapped NFT it points to the same data to the same smart contract that was originally created. We have access to all the original functionality.
When the main chain partnerships are achieved, Are you planning to partner with emerging and existing marketplaces to add the XPNET bridge feature to their App? Which other types of partnerships do you guys have in mind?
Nir — First I would like to explain about the ecosystem and how it works. So, in order to have an ecosystem, you have to build an infrastructure to hold everything together and that is our partnerships with the blockchains. We are working to connect all the chains together and the chains are partnering with us to actually for the field to grasp this unified vision of the no barriers NFT market. This is the spectrum to where the ecosystem is heading. The ecosystem allows us to utilize the XP bridge in order to move them freely without any limits. This is the open market that we create. For example, you use OpenSes and you have the ability to log in with any wallet you have without converting the currency. So XPnetwork allows you to see dApp customized to your currency. All the technical processes are happening behind the scenes thanks to XPnetwork technical development.
Is there gonna be a web/dApp where we can check if the stake’s NFT is legit or a scam when we buy it?
Dima — The best way to check if this is our NFT or not is with a smart contract that will mint those NFT’s with. The address of this smart contract will be public. You can check if this NFT is coming from our smart contracts or not. Even if there is one letter or one number different — the address is a fake.
Bridging Images, Audio, Gaming, Tickets, Insurance, etc. Are those going to be able to be bridged from the same date? OR do different types of NFTs come with different challenges?
Dima — No, they are pretty similar, there is a link and the link goes either to Audio, Gaming, etc and it’s a matter of the user interface if it knows how to display it. There can be a case of different smart contracts, in that case, it’s only a pointer. So there are not many difficulties for us to develop all of them. They will come at the same time.
Does the NFT give rewards gradually or are the rewards unlocked at the end of the chosen staking period?
Nir — The way it works is that you collect the XP gradually just like any other staking platform. You can take NFT and sell it, trade it with anyone with the full amount for this day. The NFTs are held by smart contracts, and you can sell them or trade them. And the one who bought one is capable of withdrawing the reward part.
Which ways are you thinking to improve the utility of the token other than the bridge fees?
Nir — There are many ways, but we build semi monetization models for dApps editor, dApps creator, codeless dApp editor, once it will come it will be an additional utility for the XPnet.
What is the strategy to retain the value of XPnet tokens for holders?
Nir — The first answer is utility. The best way to increase the value of XPnet is by creating utility. Dima’s team is working hard in order to release the bridge to the market, and once the utility increases the value of XPnet will be returned because we are going to create more utilities while there will be less XPnets due to staking.
Are we still building a wallet? and can it store NFTS or just coins and tokens?
Nir — Regarding wallets, when we have been on the first architecture version of XP, but because of security and all other right reasons we upgraded for a semi-centralized model in a way we are implementing the validation, we are in charge of all NFT’s moving across the bridge. In that way, there is no technical need for a wallet or an explorer. But as part of the bridge, we are going to release a version where you can see all of your NFT’s value. It will be like a wallet but is a part of the bridge.
Is XP oriented to censor the content of NFTs to filter out the NFTs of real value?
Dima — No we are not censoring. The authors of NFT decide what it will look like. And the community will censor it by addressing it accordingly. But you have to make sure that your smart contract is whitelisted and that’s where you can have a problem because our bridge will only work with whitelisted smart contracts.
Will u consider opening an NFT market in the future?
Nir- The answer is yes, we want to create an open alternative to Opensea, but first, we want to amplify the other partners in the space. We don’t want to drop too fast into the market. We focus on the utility of the XP bridge but we are going to release use cases as we go. The next use case is the dApp editor and after that, we are going to decide with the team if we are going to release a whole marketplace to exchange any kind of NFTs.
When moving from BSC to eth for example, can we choose how to pay for the gas fee? or is it 100% using XP token for gas only?
Dima — In order to make it easier for the users, the gas fee can be paid in token of the original chain from which the user is sending and our bridge makes all the conversions to XPnet to cover all the transaction fees of the target chain, you shouldn’t worry about it, everything is done automatically by the bridge.
Staking — Going live today (18.10) all the XPnet rewards are going to be associated with unique NFTs and those NFTs are fully chain agnostic. You can actually move these NFT’s between different chains and sell or trade them with all the supported chains. Whenever you sell the NFTs you sell the smart contract reward. So, in case you are selling the NFT’s you will get only the initially staked amount while the buyer of the NFT will get the reward. In case you are keeping the NFTs you get the interest over the XPnet amount and enjoy the XPnet price growth. There is a website page for staking.
Marketing — We are hiring a team of 15 employees in order to grow the marketing department. The marketing team will include, influencers marketing, PR marketing, Chinese market, video content, etc. We hire a full-time video maker who is going to work with the marketing team. We are going to release 2 videos every week with updates, Q&A, XP team introduction, etc.
Exchanges & Listing — Right now we are in touch with top-tier exchanges who want to take part and list XPnet in their exchange. More centralized exchanges are coming and we are going to build more presents over the exchanges.
Product — We are launching the main product, connecting to all of the partner chain's mainnets. We are going live with the API utility for the dApps, and for the NFT minters. All of this is coming live on October 31. We are not standing by. We are developing the utility that we want to be used everywhere. We are building something to create a better blockchain future for all of us.
See you on our next AMA.
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2021.10.26 05:56 mishelk12 what all the options that we have to obtain "epic skill summon scrolls?"

Already got one
Dont remember how
but i try to see if there's another ways to obtain it?
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2021.10.26 05:56 odkeo You are always making excuses vs You always make excuses

Which one is correct? Also, is the sentence "You are looking sick" grammatically correct or should i have used "You look sick"
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2021.10.26 05:56 Careful-Escape-7266 Didn’t know NoFap existed!

Hey everyone, I’m new to reddit and i actually didn’t know such community existed. I’m so glad that i found it now , I’m 18 and my life has been empty and boring since i was born. But this is the most crucial time of my life , cause next year I’m going to university and I don’t have a social personality at all. all of my friends are just my childhood friends and I haven’t speak to a new person since forever. Maybe it’s because I’m afraid to be judged, i just wake up , eat , jerk off and then go to sleep again. I’ve been stuck in this cycle for 18 years. But not anymore… I have 350 days to build myself and I’m so eager to quit fapping. I wish i found nofap this sooner.
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2021.10.26 05:56 Navodaya-Times प्रणति राय प्रकाश हॉट स्विमसूट में जलपरी की तरह तैरते हुए लग रहीं कातिलाना, देखें Video

प्रणति राय प्रकाश हॉट स्विमसूट में जलपरी की तरह तैरते हुए लग रहीं कातिलाना, देखें Video submitted by Navodaya-Times to navodayatimes_news [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 05:56 502Toast Actually Bublas26 did it

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2021.10.26 05:56 RyanMakka10 Airlink/ Virtual Desktop game quality

Hi everyone, Was wondering if I play a game like TWD saints and sinners for example, over airlink or Virtual Desktop, will the graphic quality and overall performance of the game be better? Thanks everyone :)
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2021.10.26 05:56 virtualgirlmiku Gozar roçando no travesseiro

Perdi meu progresso do nofap de 13 dias por isso? Eu nem gozei muito e tbm n me toquei , só fiquei roçando msm
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2021.10.26 05:56 bangermetzali seed for farming valley biomes o plenty

Anyone know a seed for farming valley that spawna u near a village. with biomes o plenty mode
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2021.10.26 05:56 BarAltruistic3076 Has anyone her onlyfans?

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2021.10.26 05:56 tswr4 [SELLING] Instagram account with 11k followers for 15$

Message me
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