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Transforming care must be central to any bold vision of a greener future

2021.10.26 05:38 Guerdonedpsy Transforming care must be central to any bold vision of a greener future

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2021.10.26 05:38 angry-skeleton-boi Does anyone know what this plant is? :)

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2021.10.26 05:38 FaithXIII [H] 3 x Treasure of the Crimson Witness 2021 [W] 175 € each

No crypto!
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2021.10.26 05:38 MoistMelloJello Spook Season Part 2

Hey I'm back with part 2 of spooky season gameplay of Layers of Fear. I would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think! https://youtu.be/FRky5bhPvm8
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2021.10.26 05:38 damnrightiam117 My first painting. What do you think?

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2021.10.26 05:38 Psychological-Film25 Can someone help me evolve my haunter

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2021.10.26 05:38 Willing-Source3126 Why Franky Is Doing Nothing Important Anymore?

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2021.10.26 05:38 Nox_Ferrato Cool method of defeating the enemies in a zombie survival game

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2021.10.26 05:38 NumuVerse Numus Are What They Eat, Making Each One Unique!

Hey reddit!
We've been working on this concept for a while, and now it's time to share it with everyone!
Numus are a collection of hand drawn, unique NFT's.
Numus are what they eat, making each one unique!
They live across 5 different environments which shape their character, and give them unique abilities in the battle arena.
So far only 2/5 environments have been revealed, but you can follow us on our socials or join our community (links in the comments) to learn more as we get closer to our release date.
Our roadmap can be found on our website - and includes a main drop of 10,000 numus in December 2021, but for now I'm only going to talk about step 01 - launching 151 OGs in mid November.
Owners of a 151 OG will be the early supporters of this project, and remain special to us for the rest of time! Owners of a 151 OG will continue to receive perks for being an early supporter as this project develops.
Each of the 151 OGs comes with its environment as a banner sized art piece, to accompany it wherever it may be displayed.
Follow us to keep up to date with the release!
We hope you love our numus as much as we do! We had a great time coming up with all the designs for them 😄
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2021.10.26 05:38 Its-Spectral “New fear unlocked”

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2021.10.26 05:38 SkreckIsHotie Kugisaki?

I feel like it’s only logical for her to be dead since it was never stated for her to possess any ability that can counter mahito.I don’t think she is dead( feel like if she was dead we would’ve been informed) and also bc of plot armor
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2021.10.26 05:38 twitchyvfx Should I be lightly defoliating the clutter?

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2021.10.26 05:38 charlfourie Back-road adventures [Nikon FM2 | Voigtländer 40mm f2 & Zeiss ZF 25mm | Lomo Purple]

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2021.10.26 05:38 Royalbanshee Dressing as an angel for halloween.

I couldn't find anything about this on the internet, but I'm going to a good vs evil themed halloween party. Now I don't feel like spending a lot more money on halloween costumes so I want to repurpose a Caeser costume from a couple of years and pair the white robe with angel wings (also I don't want to dress as a demon/devil).
Is there any reason for me not to do this? I feel like there might be, so I just thought someone might have some good input on it.

P.S: my alternative is a skeleton in a suit, which seems pretty save to me.
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2021.10.26 05:38 el_wakim Green NCAP Rated The Mazda2 With 3.5 Stars For Fuel Efficiency And Emissions

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2021.10.26 05:38 loveysteeze [USA-WA] [H] PayPal [W] Pokemon Pearl DS CIB

Hey everyone, I’m looking to buy a complete copy of Pokémon Pearl. Thank you!
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2021.10.26 05:38 Crystal_iceberg I would like to prefix this by saying I am indeed in therapy.

Hey y’all its me ya boi, stupid. Life sometimes really just pushes me into the deep end and then somehow pushes me towards a direction that’s even deeper. I hate frustration because it arises from this underlining inability to accomplish what you wish to accomplish. A desired result is not achieved in spite of prior efforts. So, in hopes of that desired result you try and try again, perhaps at this point you’ve solved the problem and are well on your way or, the problem continues despite all of your efforts. This reinforces the idea that the problem is either unsolvable or that your individual efforts are not enough to be of aid in the task at hand. So, what is the next action and outcome? Do you persist under stress and repeated failure? Trying the same ineffective thing again, and again, like a mad man? If not, are you meant to do something different? What does this different course of action look like and how do you find that out? Do you even have enough time to experiment and see what it takes? Is it better to push through even though you know you won’t succeed to an acceptable level? What is the eventual goal of success? Is it to bring more success? For what aims?
Who in this world has the time, finance, physical health, mental health, emotional support, food, water, shelter, and every other need to survive, to utilise all resources even in the face of repeated failure? Is this madness or work? Once you do succeed so you see the best path to where you are, the irony lies in the fact that you likely did not walk that path to get to the desired outcome. How are we in our failure meant to know how and when we will succeed? If we do not have this knowledge then isn’t all labour pointless and detrimental until it just isn’t? if I quit now, I would not gain a proper return on time and emotional and mental labour invested, so should I just stick it out? Is this just a fallacy? Where I’ve invested so much that I refuse to cut my losses? Frustration brings stress and aims to guide you to the better path by adding stress to an unproductive practise. However, this practice proves to a large extent, detrimental to those with anxiety. As both negative and positive outcomes are a source of stress all roads feel unproductive, inefficient, and useless. This conundrum would be easily solved if anxiety was taken out of the occasion but, this easier said than done in my experience.
Frustration is a tool that is frankly unneeded in the toolbox emotions in mind, due to the fragility of my wellbeing and the overexertion of my mind that leads to stress, any other contributor to stress becomes excessive and destructive rather than productive. For even in this moment, it is easier for me to write an essay about the effect of my emotions on my actions and my subsequent analysis to diagnose a clear issue to formulate a proper response, than it is to sit with my emotions, cry or do whatever I need to feel to expel the emotion so I can return to productive behaviour.
This behaviour is largely detrimental to my emotional health but the ‘wisdom’ or ‘insight’ gleaned are seen as valuable, so I reward myself with the positive reception to those insights. Even with this meta knowledge the course of action is still unclear to me, as the required emotional response is frankly something I’ve never learnt how to deal with effectively. Escapism, meditation, all aim to change the focal point of my mind to substitute negative stimuli with peaceful and positive-non detrimental ones but, this behaviour never removes the original source of the negative stimuli.
The irony is not lost on me, that I can write a comprehensive, verbose, series of paragraphs on my inability to grasp my emotions than it is to write around 150 words to solve the initial emotional response. My very act of avoidance utilises the same skills, techniques, and knowledge, to solve the problem I’m avoiding.
For in this present moment, the more I think of my current predicament the more I despair and spiral down. Such emotions are not desired but a by-product of intellectualising my emotions.
I live in a world I am not suited for, a world in which I participate in without my consent. I cannot do to or for myself what I need so I can have the life and things I want.
I am so inexplicably trapped in a labyrinth in my mind that I am clueless to how I wonder about the labyrinth of the eternal world.
I am experiencing sensations prior to crying, like a welling up below my eyes and my throughout becoming dense and caught on itself. My upper stomach feels queasy, and I find myself repeatedly taking short second long breaks to calm myself. I feel the waves rising and try to soothe them, but I cannot soothe them continuously forever. I am brought back to an emotional place that I was often in during times when I was suicidal and extremely depressed in the past few years. Although through years of effort I have been able to largely subdue my depression, situations like this, where my anxiety fosters and grows my discomfort, discontent, and general feelings of emotional distress is where I find myself in such unhealthy states of mind. I have tried to relearn what to do in such situations and coach myself into healthy modes of expression that don’t foster suicidal ideation but such battles have begun recently, and I am still a novice in such practices.
I find my growing coldness towards myself a worryingly inescapable feeling. I am aware of its existence but the very way I view, experience, and cope with my emotions is antithetical to and more so enables such coldness.
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2021.10.26 05:37 Southern-Fan-5490 Senjutsu: Battle for Japan

I've found this game, Senjutsu, on Kickstarter recently and I'm quite excited by it. Samurai battles, 1-6 players, solo, co-op, or competitive, fast-paced ~20 minute games. Selfishly posting because I want more people to play with 😅
They have a demo of Senjutsu on TTS (Tabletop Simulator), which is being updated as the project continues. They have a discord and would love if there were more people to play!
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2021.10.26 05:37 mcpoopersmcscoopers Just received my fellowcraft tonight, and was blown away by the beautiful and complex lecture, it was quite an experience

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2021.10.26 05:37 nanbranah CO2 or Break barrel?

Im buying my first rifle and idk which to choose
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2021.10.26 05:37 bob80905 Galaxy

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2021.10.26 05:37 Novel-Bottle-566 Looking for a strong automated/afk build (1-2 skills only!)

Hey guys, as title suggests, I am looking for a very strong afk/auto build that only really uses move on left click and a move on right click. I just love chilling back and afk farming in this game. I'm planning on using the mageblood belt to make the build almost fully afk so any suggests would be super helpful.
I used to play saqawals tornado build which was super fun but I am not sure how that will go this league. I was also looking at RF but I don't know how much damage RF can scale too. I am pretty lost right now.
I want the build to be able to clear most content in the game (even if it takes long) and I want it to be pretty tanky and reliable for most content too so I won't die and rage xD
Thanks again guys and I hope that y'all have some great suggestions for me!
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2021.10.26 05:37 Rayshard Franz Wagner :15 PTS 4 assists 2 steals vs Miami

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2021.10.26 05:37 Sweaty-Inspector-416 Let Guy from the Coin Bureau know we want an update on Harmony!

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