Guess the character

2021.10.26 05:21 CC35_ Guess the character

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2021.10.26 05:21 landyiscandy Offwhite belt. Suspicious tag? The striped tag is a Single layer and not folded. Haven’t seen this online before!

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2021.10.26 05:21 faangg Share structure of TMC

Share structure of TMC Who of you has tried to understand the share structure?
I really need help. I try to decypher page 133 and 134.
I put that data into Excel. The First column adds up to 173,824,881 shares "Special shares" add up to 78,518,244

Only part of data, list is much longer.

Yeah, I know these numbers shouldn't add up to the total share count, they're less. But one of these exactly matches the following: Sponsor+Earnout == Special Shares... kind of magic, right? I'm feeling much better now!!!
Special shares == Sponsor+Earnout
Now... I'm still puzzled why I cannot reproduce the special shares by looking into the details of those: I want the 78,518,244 to be reproduced...
Special shares are plenty... but no combination adds up to 78 million!
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2021.10.26 05:21 PastafarianJuggalo OTT (Old Tool Tuesday)

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2021.10.26 05:21 BSF_Bot Patriots' Bill Belichick: 'We're Headed in the Right Direction' - Sports Illustrated

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2021.10.26 05:21 Puzzled-Marsupial-77 Thought this was cool to upload
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2021.10.26 05:21 NeedHoodsUpPlzUbi Fallen ghosts free glitch

I own it and can download it now, but when I do it says "can't find app, go to ps store to buy?" I have the game on the PS4 disc version
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2021.10.26 05:21 Jeffthellama007 [EU] GN4 Looking for some humble people to play csgo with :)

HELLO ALL !!! hope you having a nice day looking for some humble people to enjoy a few matches with im trying to find some friends as csgo is much more fun as a team as I know csgo can be very hard in solo que
My current rank is Gold Nova 4 but rank is not super important i have only recently started playing few hundred hours
genuinely looking for supportive friendly people who want learn and dont tilt as soon as we lose a game or two as after all csgo is all about a learning progress :D
so if your a humble gamer or just want to chat about life and wants to chill and have some good times send me a message on my discord and hope to hear from you soon :)
genuinely thank you for reading this post have a nice day !!
🔥Please be from EU or around the UK as i live near south east England which has internet struggles with USA connections im really sorry 🔥
MY DISCORD <--- please send message on discord first before adding steam
AGE : 22
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2021.10.26 05:21 Necessary-Eye-2249 👑 WOLF GOLD INU 👑 Stealth Launch 👑 Listed On PancakeSwap 👑 Liquidity locked 👑 Liquidity locked 180 days 👑 Huge 1000× Potential

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🌎 Telegram

💥 Pancake Swap :

💥 Deeplock: Lock LP 180 Days
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2021.10.26 05:21 ifailedmyhighschool No Title

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2021.10.26 05:21 ValveFan6969 how it feels returning to this subreddit every month

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2021.10.26 05:21 TheRealBrandini97 Best MOBO for i5-11400f

Looking for a motherboard capable of running an i5-11400f and GTX 1660 super. Hoping to make use of DDR4 RAM and M.2 SSD as well so motherboard has to be compatible with them features too
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2021.10.26 05:21 Excellent_Aerie Scenes in 3x03 From S3 Teaser/Trailer/Weeks Ahead Promo

So now that we've seen the 3x03 promo, we can go back to the S3 teaser, the S3 trailer and the Weeks Ahead promo released after 3x01 to match the scenes in the 3x03 promo with those from the previous promos.
Because I don't think Shiv or the other characters (apart from Roman) repeat a costume, you can group the scenes together by outfits. Here are the scenes from 3x03 we've seen in the promos. I'm just speculating on the order.
Day 1: Logan, Roman and others strategize at the Waystar office.

  1. Logan: "That rat sets one foot inside this building, I'll punch him in the nose." Roman: "I think that's the grown-up solution that keeps everyone happy." (Roman is wearing a light-coloured shirt, whereas in all the other 3x03 scenes he's wearing a dark blue shirt.)
Day 2: Kendall shows up at the Waystar office (on a different day). (Shiv is wearing a grey suit and white shirt on this day, Logan is wearing a dark tie with gold stripes, and Roman is wearing a dark blue shirt.)
  1. Shiv and Roman in the Waystar office: "It's true? He's on his way?" Roman: "I don't see him yet, with his stupid walk."
  2. Kendall arrives at the office wearing a baseball cap with Jess in tow.
  3. Kendall: "No drama! We're good!"
  4. Logan: "I'm gonna fucking kill him!" *lunges at Kendall*
  5. Kendall: "The revolution will be televised!"
  6. Logan, to Shiv: "It's war. I'm gonna jam a Montblanc down his fucking throat."
  7. Logan tells Shiv privately: "No one's on my side in this. I need you to protect me, Pinky.".
  8. Gerri tells Logan: "This is a PR disaster. They could subpoena you to the grand jury."
  9. Shiv spits in Kendall's journal.
Day 2: Waystar employee meeting.
  1. Shiv is at the podium while Karolina and Hugo are off at the side. In the audience are Tom, Logan, Frank, Karl but not Gerri.
Day 2: Logan and Tom confer on the set of The Bunker (ATN show?)
  1. Tom: "There are a million knives being sharpened. Probably need to be a face or two behind bars." Logan: "What's your angle?"
Day 2 (night): Shiv, Connor and Roman talk.
  1. Shiv (wearing the same white shirt and grey pants but with a sweater): "Kendall's on a mission and he's not going to stop unless we take his legs out from under him."
Day 2 (night): Logan, Roman and Gerri at the Waystar offices.
  1. The FBI arrives. Gerri: "The FBI is downstairs." Logan: "Tell em to fuck off." "There are the ones who don't fuck off." "Can we ask em to come back tomorrow?"
  2. The FBI carries boxes and boxes of documents out of the building.
  3. Logan stares out the window, looking lost.
Day ? (night): Committee for the Welfare and Protection of Journalists event
  1. Kendall strolls into the event with Naomi, Greg, Berry Schneider and I assume Comfry.
  2. Kendall spots Shiv in a blue dress across the room.
  3. Shiv asks Kendall "Or do you just not give a fuck, and it's all just ego?"
  4. Shiv asks Kendall in a private room "What's the worst thing that could be in those papers?"
Day ? (day): Greg and Tom in Greg's office
  1. Greg: "I'm focused on not going to jail." Tom: "Logan says we have to take these. Cyanide pills. They're mints, you doofus."
Day ? (day): Kendall at a cafe with someone
  1. Kendall: "It does not look good for them"
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2021.10.26 05:21 hi_senpai Introverted 24M looking for a long term friendship with a girl who likes anime and or gaming

Who am I?
I’m a 24 years old guy from Europe and I’m not gonna lie I feel kinda lonely these days >.< It doesn’t help being introverted at all. I also have GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) so don’t expect me to call you soon xD.
What do I hate?
Okay so people who will talk for some time and after that they completely vanish. They don’t “ghost” but it’s more like that they don’t write on their own. Most of the time I’m the one who has to send messages or else they just don’t message. I really hate that. It shouldn’t be one sided. I really lose interest when that happens. I get it if you can’t message me all the time. I can’t either. But please communicate with me so I know the reason why you’re not responding to my message(s). Or else I’m just gonna think of the worst case scenarios in my head and that’s EXHAUSTING honestly. But this only happens when I get attached to someone. It can happen when I get good vibes from someone and when I like that person.
What kind of person am I looking for?
So I’m actually looking for someone like me. Literally. Someone who is kinda lonely too, someone who has anxiety, someone who likes games or anime so we at least have like a mutual interest. We can also play games or watch anime/movies together on discord. I’m not that active on discord nowadays but I know most people like to communicate through discord so its fine, I can be active on there. :D
What games do I play?
Currently I play rocket league but I played a lot of games in the past. Like: overwatch, dead by daylight, csgo, some valorant, some league of legends and a lot more. So I’m sure we can pick a game we both like. Also roblox is a great game to play together in my honest opinion. I’d love to play that together. \(^▽^)/
What are my other interests?
I like conspiracy theories, history, psychology, music, stuff about the universe (planets, stars, more life and stuff) those are the things I can think of right away.
Oh and I type a lot with keyboard emojis so if you don’t like that then don’t message me.. (like these: :) :D c: etc.)
So if you’re like me then please send me a chat message. Don’t reply to this post. See you >.<
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2021.10.26 05:21 richbasslefty SCCM asking for creds at OS install stage of the TS.

Morning all , we have a strange issue where our TS is asking for creds at the "applying operating system" stage, I believe this is referring to a network share, from the bootstrap.ini but this account is a service account, the password is set to never change and has full access to the share.
A back story , we had to recover our SQL and Management console from a couple of days ago, (more like 2 weeks ago) we are struggling to get this working, any help or guidance would be amazing.


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2021.10.26 05:21 meowmeowmeow223 male and female 22 dating issue (trust issues) how can i trust him again?

we were typing on his phone doing a shopping list and he typed porridge and on the predictive text pornhub came up and that only comes up if u either type it recently or recently repeatedly so i was like wtf he said he hasn’t and we spoke about how i don’t like that in a relationship which he was very receptive to and knows anyway, but i feel so upset about it and it broke my trust with him because i know if he didn’t search it recently it wouldn’t come up. i really love him and i wanna forgive him but it’s one of my triggers that i don’t like in a relationship at all and really freighters my anxiety and trauma which he knows. i wanna believe him but i know he’s lying - what should i do? we live together and i have a high asf sex drive and wanna have sex more than him and we have sex like only once a week when in would wanna have it more but he doesn’t so i don’t get it ( for context we are both 21/22 and have only been living together for two months ) but been dating two years partially long distance because of covid. i know he loves me i just wish he would tell the truth and stop doing it but i don’t know how to trust him again or how to navigate this situation
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2021.10.26 05:21 duyyyy5 anime_irl

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2021.10.26 05:21 brianjblend CityState II Wishlist

Okay so I’ve been obsessively playing this game for like weeks now and I love it. It’s everything I’ve wanted in a city builder. So of course I’ve compiled a wish list that I hope the devs and community (maybe for mods) will consider:

  1. MULTIPLAYER - this would be just awesome. Playing cooperatively or antagonistically with your friends would be dope. Sanctions anyone?
  2. Debt - can we borrow money in larger sums instead of only printing a measly $10k? Seems like a pretty essential part of state economics that is missing.
  3. Diagonal (or even curved) roads - seems obvious. Is doable and is probably being developed anyway but just laying it out there.
  4. Master services list - its a bit tiring having to find all the schools around the map to see which ones need an upgrade. A master inventory of all schools, hospitals, etc would go a long way to helping me find shit :)
  5. Strategic Resources - these were in the first citystate (I think) and other city builders. It would be cool to integrate some unique resources for extra revenue after processing.
  6. Better farms - do these even do anything? they seem like a non factor.
  7. Transportation minimap - I’ll try not to borrow too much from sim city 4 but it would be nice to see how many people are riding the nice new underground I built for them.
  8. Longer stats timeline - not the end of the world but it would also be nice to see more than just a few decades of progress in the graphs section. Could it be stretched to a 100 years or even 200?
  9. More state owned things - call me a commie but it is technically possible to have state-owned advanced industry and perhaps even offices.
  10. Privatization - conversely, could we have the ability to sell off state assets like hospitals or airports in a budget crunch with some kind of penalty (economic and political).
  11. Harbors - I don’t know how it would affect demand or immigration but a coastal city just feels weird without a nice big port.
  12. Unique building styles - this is not super important and I know it’s a lot of work but would be cool to make European, Asian, Cyberpunk, etc flavored cities.
  13. Prisons - gotta put the political prisoners somewhere am I right?
  14. Military bases (and war?) - in single player this would be nice to add more “fictitious jobs” at but if you ever incorporate multiplayer, war could be a thing.
  15. Revolutions - if you immiserate your people too much in one direction left or right, they could rebel and temporarily take control of your legislation just like the IMF takes control of your budget if you mess up your finances. Just a cool way to make the politics more interactive.
  16. Climate change/natural disasters/weather - hey these things happen/are happening. Could be an interesting thing to add later on.
  17. More unique “plop” down buildings - I saw they added the marina. Let’s see more entertainment buildings and such: stadiums, opera houses, casinos, monuments, etc.
  18. Nation-wide ideology label - I see this only technically aligned for the cities themselves. Like one can be a dictatorship and another can be a liberal utopia. Shouldn’t this be a National thing or at least harmonized nationally between the various differing cities somewhere in the middle?
  19. Terrain limitations - the game requires extremely flat land for roads and trains. Can we not get this tweaked a bit to allow subways through mountains or even just hills?
  20. More flag icon options :)
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2021.10.26 05:21 farmer_zombie Can't download Tarkov update

Whenever I try to update it just says :
Downloading files (...)
///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// <= progress bar
0/0 kb 0 waiting
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2021.10.26 05:21 thiccystikkyboi Questions for people that have had top surgery

I’m planning on having top surgery, it is currently in the works. I’m very much looking forward to it. I’ve never had surgery before so that part does kinda freak me out a little but I won’t let it stop me. Is there anyone else that was really nervous about it and what did you do to help with the anxiety?
Something I heard from someone that had it was that at first it took some getting used to and kind of felt like they had something stuck to their chest or felt as if their skin was taped down. I think that feeling would drive me crazy. Did anyone else have that feeling?
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2021.10.26 05:21 Dark-Lord-Zero Jack's Chain: Jump-Chan's Stress Ball) 1- Nier Automata

The wheel spun to a stop on Nier Automata, and Jack felt himself die a little on the inside. That wasn't exactly a happy place to be, and it was very dangerous on top of that. He didn't have long to contemplate it before realizing that the wheel was gone, but he couldn't recall the moment it vanished.
Another screen appeared in front of him, full of text. This must be the 'jump doc' as he vaguely recalled being told. He rolled the eight-sided die that was conveniently located in his hand as he thought of rolling, and then blinked in painful bemusement when it vanished soon after flashing 7. The universe- or was that multiverse now?- must have really hated him today. The factory was his least favorite level.
He immediately selected YoRha and Scanner. 9S might have been the most annoying of the three to play (so many bloody hacking minigames), but hacking was outright broken from a lore standpoint. 2Booty, Jack would have absolutely no complaints about being as handsome as 2B was hot. He grabbed almost the entire Scanner perk tree. That Was Close Ma’am only ensures a good first impression but might possibly add a little bit to his general friend-making, but it was free so Jack couldn't complain much. Still, friendship wasn't exactly what he needed to survive a world like this. Luckily, Hack and Slash was amazing. Being able to do the hacking minigame WHILE fighting? That removed the Scanner series biggest weakness, and even outside of that, true multitasking (albeit limited to two separate thought streams) had a myriad of uses. I'll Put an End to Your Schemes was valuable as well, on a tactical level for detecting the enemies' plans, but also for dealing with greater-scope Keikaku Dori. Still, some more raw combat ability was needed, so Jack grabbed The Metal Demon as well. It was the most expensive single thing he wanted, but it was a massive combat ability boost and it nullified the advantage of numbers almost entirely against him, which was the Machines' greatest strength. Last was Weight of the World, because this world was depressing enough that Jack really wanted a defense against it.
Moving on to items, he grabbed the free Basic Gear, and couldn't demand the upgraded Bag of Chips fast enough. Not having to go to a merchant to do all his upgrading for him was a godsend of convenience, and it was possible that Jack would later on be able to expand the amount of total chip storage beyond what was possible in game, so this was a necessary skill. The Quality Sachet was free for him, as much as he didn't really care, but he took it anyway. Power Armor would make long battles easier. Machines of War was absolutely worth the 200- certainly not the most powerful mecha around, but it was really fast in jet form and had (for this world) some pretty extraordinary weaponry.
He was also glad to accept the free Pod companion. Cute and useful, the perfect combination.
And to pay for all of that... Flesh Against Steel, What was Sacrificed, THIS DOES NOT COMPUTE THIS DOES NOT COMPUTE, and Logical. Logical was dangerous, but my multitasking and hacking abilities should be able to keep that in check for a decade. Flesh Against Steel would be annoying, but This Does Not Compute would exterminate all the animals, rendering it moot. What was Sacrificed would be annoying, but Jack didn't really have much of an attachment to his somewhat-fuzzy memories, and he'd get them back in the end. This Does Not Compute would be the truly most dangerous, though luckily the machines would probably be unable to upgrade themselves or think strategically because of it, so victory was still possible.
Jack locked his choices in, and the world faded to black.
A decade later, Jack found himself sitting in what appeared to be some kind of home-theater, sitting next to the woman he couldn't picture in his mind. Just as he was about to speak, the screen lit up, saying Jack's Highlight Reel.
A deep pit formed in his stomach as it started. As one might expect, this highlight reel did not include him casually escaping the factory and zooming around the world to collect his memories in his mecha, nor did it include him hacking the YoRHa servers to seal the machines' backdoor. Certainly it failed to cover his usurping the command of YoRHa from the Commander via taking over the "Council of Humanity," assisting 2B and 9S in killing Adam and Eve, and all the epic battles that followed... as YoRHa unchained took over machine factories and converted them into YoRHa factories (most of the world's Resistance members were upgraded to YoRHa technology using recycled machine technology). Also absent were the relationships he built with the other androids. No, this reel was even better than all of that.
It started with him falling off his fishing chair into the water and dying. Then it showed him accidentally pulling his OS chip out along with all his other chips and dying. Then it showed him eating a fish on a dare and dying. Jack hadn't died often in combat- only seven times total, and five of those were in his final 3 years when the Logic virus was messing up his systems pretty significantly. He had, however, died nine times in dumb ways, and all of them played out on the screen... with mocking commentary and rapid-rewind. Then his combat deaths played, critiqued as if it were a game of football. Jack buried his face in his hands when the first time he and the Commander slept together came on... it was awful. Jack had had no idea what to do, and the Commander herself had been just as lost. Then came a montage of all the times Jack had tripped on nothing, walked into walls, or not noticed incoming attacks because of the sensory interference from the Logic virus. Rare in the beginning, those were basically a daily occurrence by the eighth year. It was especially insulting, using video editing to play them at different speeds or rewind, and it was all to a bloody dubstep soundtrack. Back to the sex, a latter session with the Commander had resulted in him sticking his chip-born manhood in the wrong target due to yet another sensory malfunction. She didn't forgive him for a week, which became two weeks when he asked why she even had a second target given androids didn't produce waste.
After what felt like hours, the montage ended, and Jack finally unburied his face from his elbow. His benefactor had been grinning at his embarrassment for the entire duration of the video. "You did well, Jack. I wasn't sure if you'd see the nigh-immortality combo in that doc, but I'm glad you did. It would have been pathetic if you'd chain-failed in combat in your first jump."
Pride bloomed in Jack's chest, but he tried not to show it. He was still pouting about that video. "Thank you."
The woman smiled, and two screens appeared in front of Jack. "Here, your reward for such an amusing first jump."
Ahh, this would be his Warehouse and Body Mod. He didn't spend much time on them, his body mod being designed around survival and his Warehouse on giving him things he couldn't otherwise make or acquire.
His choices locked in, he looked back at his benefactor, silently, waiting patiently for whatever would come next.
She snapped her fingers, and the wheel began spinning once more.... and once more Jack knew it would land on one of four: Code Geass, Fire Emblem Three Houses, Irish Mythology, or Witchblade. Wait, were they in a different order this time? Jake was certain that Fire Emblem hadn't been next to Code Geass last time...
Yo, thank y'all for not sending the poor boy to Jumanji for his first time jumping lmao. Also, the choices for each poll are going to be three chosen almost entirely at random, and then the second-place winner from the previous poll, which is why Code Geass is still here.
Here's the link to his build sheet. It also contains his body mod and warehouse builds.
Feel free to shoot me any suggestions or thoughts in the comments.
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2021.10.26 05:21 Tiger_Yu 375603 page 18

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2021.10.26 05:21 CheesyCheeseys borrel snacks deze week. appelflap 1+1 gratis, ah vega snacks, innocent, mora mini's, mora oven en airfryer snacks

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2021.10.26 05:21 watermaloneyyy AI rates streamers by attractiveness- u are actually pretty high for ur standards nick

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2021.10.26 05:21 C5_Xenial GBTC delivered better returns than Bitcoin ETFs last week

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