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The Interesting lore bits from this Oct's White Dwarf

2021.10.26 05:26 Shaskais The Interesting lore bits from this Oct's White Dwarf

Ask Grombrindal:

-Aelves can be turned into vampires/Soulblight but it's extremely rare.

-An especially strong Archregent could probably spread the FEC curse to other races.

-Worlds of Warhammer:

-Simple crafts like bakers, butchers, and the like exist in AoS. Due to Realms being a dangerous place, it wouldn't be surprising that they would be carrying blades and charms that ward against evil spirits.

-Arable earth is sometimes called Ghyranite tracts. They are in short supply because the Age of Chaos saw massive stretches of the lands in the Mortal Realms corrupted. However, there are means to remedy this. The Devoted of Sigmar walk miles barefoot in these corrupted lands. The blood that they shed from their feet and flagellations purifies the land. They are not actually washing the land clean with their blood. It's, in the fact, the energy created from their sacrifice in the name of their God-King that cleanses Chaos from the earth. After the land is cleansed, farmers can begin their work, and the land can be made fertile with the use of Aqua Ghyranis.

-Mundane animals and plants do exist in AoS. Animals like cats, dogs, cows, etc. Plants like potatoes, corn, etc. Though, they have adapted slightly to fit into the realms they inhabit. However, only the strongest and most resourceful survived and thrived in the wildernesses after the Age of Chaos.

-Magic in the Mortal Realms evolved from the concept of the "Winds of Magic" from the "World-That-Was. Since the Realms are made from crystallized magic, arcane energy can be found anywhere in the form of magical motes that are invisible most of the time. For example, motes of Aqshy energy can fuel a fire spell. The nearer a person is to Aqshy, the more motes he can harness and the easier it becomes for him to cast fire spells. Also, it's easy to cast fire spells near people who are passionate and angry or people hailing from Aqshy. This is due motes of Aqshy being drawn to them. Depending on their origins and their mental state, people can attract motes that correspond to them.

-There exists motes of magic from other realms in any realm. For example, motes of Ghyran exist in Shyish and vice versa. They are few but they can be harnessed. Though, spells native to a realm are more powerful within it, a skilled magical user will be able to use his magic anywhere especially if he has magical artefacts of the realm he wishes to draw on.

-The moons of the Mortal Realms are lesser manifestations of the realms. They are made from the same stuff. They are largely uninhabited.

-Be'lakor destroyed a good few of Chamon's Realmgates. The majority remain functional.

-Hitting a Stormcast Eternal with a potent magical force can cut their connection to Azyr or sever their connection to their wargear. It's incredibly rare and if it happens the Lord-Relictors are tasked with solving this problem.

-Teclis' banishing spell in Broken Realms stopped the Necroquake. There are no more cascading waves of Death magic for the forces of Nagash to harness. However, Teclis stopped the quake but the damage to the reality of the realms remains and it may never heal. The Endless spells are a consequence of this damage and they are here to stay. The forces of death are working to inflict more damage to the realms.

-Nagash's Necroquake had sent death magic washing over the realms. The Everqueen's Rite of Life has a similar effect sending cascading waves of life magic across the realms. These two events have incurred the anger of the Realms themselves. The Realms are currently raging at the terrible magical energies flowing over them.

-A major concept in the creation of the Mortal Realms is "like attracts like". The remnants of the "World-That-Was" were drawn into vast nebulas of stardust and cosmic matter. In there, like crystals forming in a chemical solution, motes of magic that formed the Winds of Magic gathered and coalesced into large disks of matter held within magic-aligned spheres of atmosphere.

Tome Celestial: Seraphon:

-The spirit of Ghur is stirring unleashing waves of bestial energy across the realms. This devasted the Seraphon, for they possessed an innate primal fury. The Saurus of the coalesced Seraphon were especially affected, giving in to their bloodlusts and ravaging their kind and allies. To prevent further slaughters, many Slaan are expending their magical reverses to suppress the savage urges of their servants. This has thrown the Great Plan into disarray. Though, there are Constellations that embraced this bestial rage like Koatl's Claw.

-Though the Starborne are more resistant to the call of Ghur, there have been gruesome incidents aboard the Seraphon ships.

-After a weeks-long astral conference, the Slaan acted in uncharacteristic haste which shows their desperation. They sent their cohorts to Ghur to seize geomantically important sites, these would be crucial in their efforts to quiet the beating heart of Ghur.

-The Seraphon in Ghur are opposed by the Kruelboys. They are targeting the jungles defended by the Seraphon and seek to destroy their Realmshaper Engines to give their land transformative magics free rein to befoul and twist in the land into mires and swamps

-Be'lakor's Cursed Skies have wrought as much damage to the Seraphon as it did to the Stormcast. Several Seraphon ships were snatched from the heavens and flung to the earth by the storms. The Slaan found it difficult to send reinforcements to their crash sites, for the Cursed Skies blots out the light of Azyr and interferes with the aura of the Seraphon. Attempts at clearing the skies through arcane means were met with the full fury of the Chaos Gods. Vast daemonic hordes exploit the weakened veil of reality to thwart the Seraphon attempts.

-Seraphon no longer stand alone. An informal but powerful union has formed between Sigmar, the Serraphon, and the Draconith. This union has saved several temple cities from certain destruction. In return for Sigmar's aids, many forward-thinking Constellations like Fangs of Sotek, have sought to strengthen their ties with humanity. The Seraphon are aiding the efforts of the Dawnbringer Crusades and helping defend Sigmarite outposts.

-Lord Kroak intends to redress the failure that is Kragnos' escape. He seeks to recapture the rampaging god. It seems to be inevitable that both will meet each other in battle before the Era of the Beast is over.
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Museums and veteran media personalities giving life to our countries most significant moments and people in support of our veterans
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Looking for someone I can hangout with on Friday! Let's have dinner and grab a drink or something.
Message me for more details! Pref someone around 22-29, fit, and conventionally attractive.
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2021.10.26 05:25 old_story5500 Conceive

The fact that I have had to conceive of love as something perceived solely through human shittiness tells you a lot about who I am as a person. I don’t behave in notably ‘shitty’ ways, on the whole, but I also fear my own inadequacy greatly, and I am highly prone towards criticism of the people around me. So it’s really important that I have ways of dealing with those tendencies without becoming emotionally destabilized. The ‘stereotypical’ Christian view didn’t seem to change that, but rather just directed my criticism and inadequacy towards different things. But my worldview now (which is also from the Bible, but also from the Old Testament, and is more ‘indirect’) actually assuages some of those tendencies and makes me more genuinely stable and happy, both with respect to my relationships and myself. It’s not like I don’t want to be loving and kind just the same as everyone else, it just that I can do it in a much more stable and sustainable way when it’s based on the ‘radical acceptance of humanness’ I’m always on about.
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2021.10.26 05:25 Impossible-Tadpole65 Buy high -> sell low -> stomach aching -> depression -> I'm a looser

after i sell it rises significantly and after i buy it declines. Xela was the worst, but congratulations to those who saw the rise now..
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Hey all, I sent out a Paid PPV via mass message earlier this month, one person bought it. Then last week I unsent the mass message. However, when I checked the person's gallery/DM it isn't there?
I thought unsending would only remove it from the people that hadn't paid?
Is this a glitch? Has this happened to anyone else?
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I play freeblade n I never see Thier clockpit so how does they work?
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I just got the game i completed Getting Started but all the other options have a lock on them...i didnt play the demo i bought the full version can somebody help me?
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