Alec Baldwin's Daughter Ireland Blasts Candace Owens: "Hateful, Cancerous Human"

Our Yorkshire Farm star Clive Owen's daughter Rosie - from his first marriage - has revealed she thinks her relationship with her father and stepmother Amanda is 'beyond repair'. Candace Owens has asked when America will 'invade Australia' to free citizens from 'tyrannical' Covid lockdowns and even compared the Australian government to the Taliban.

2021.10.26 06:41 Robinjo1985 Alec Baldwin's Daughter Ireland Blasts Candace Owens: "Hateful, Cancerous Human"

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2021.10.26 06:41 UnluckyBeach26 Japan does it again. Awesome what game show. This one is great.

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2021.10.26 06:41 belindamct Dr Gillman is suggesting a move from Parnate to Phenelzine. I’m desperate. I’m dangerously suicidal. I need it to work!

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2021.10.26 06:41 td512 Is it done yet?

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2021.10.26 06:41 smdelfin ELI5 fish oil supplements?

Why are fish oil supplements not beneficial?
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2021.10.26 06:41 throwaway2918jd Do you think she will cheat again?

Ok I am going to use different names for this post.
TLDR: the lady married to my cousin has cheated twice that we know of but my cousin still wants to keep her saying that she is sorry and won't do it again should we believe her?
I have a cousin named "John" and he had a arranged marriage around 11 years ago to someone named "Sarah" she is raised in Pakistan and she came to the UK to marry John. I can start this by saying that John isn't very bright, he didn't do well in school and has since only worked for my Dad's business as a delivery driver, he isn't very good in that department either but he can't really do anything else.
To start Sarah and John had a baby less than 8 months after marriage they still lived with their parents at the time but he was only 23 and I think she was 21 maybe. Sarah was pretty useless and not long after coming to the UK she complained about John and not really having money. Regardless we still welcomed them to our family they were present at multiple family events like birthdays and weddings.
However in 2017 my uncles family became quiet for a while we dont know why we didn't think much of it. It was only a couple months later in 2018 did one of the younger brothers of John came to my parents and explained that Sarah had cheated and there were pictures of her kissing another man.
This really shocked my parents in our family this kind of stuff rarely happens so we were not sure what to do. We had tried to confront her about it although she lied, said it was photo shop (when it clearly wasn't) and then explained that it was a way to get John attention again because they had marriage problems. This was all going on after she had her second kid. After this we kind of just accepted that it was a mistake and sweept it under the rug and moved on after a couple months. They eventually moved out mostly because my uncle wanted them out that that point. Though we never really looked at Sarah the same again.
Some time goes by and it's early 2021. Sarah's dad is sick from Pakistan she want to see him for the last time before passing away but she doesn't have any money so she borrowed some off John's brothers and my grandad. She went for a while and because of the covid restrictions they were there longer as they had to isolate for 10 days during the layover between Turkey and Pakistan. Not too long after she came back he passed away and we prayed for her and helped with the funeral costs.
Now it's summer of 2021 some police officers come to my dad's business asking for John, they took him in and arrested him. We found out later it was for domestic abuse and a restraining order was placed on him. We found this odd given that we know John character and we believe he isn't capable of this. However around around same time some of John's brothers are contacted by a woman who has images of Sarah with her Husband in Turkey.
So, Sarah after visiting her dad for the last time went on holiday with someone else's husband in Turkey during the layover, not to mention her 3 year old was with her at the time. This is was John was mad and he did infact beat her. I dont stand for domestic abuse I think John got what he deserved but this is a new low for Sarah.
Currently no one has confronted her about her 2nd time cheating she thinks the reason she isn't around much is because she called the police on John. And her justification is that John is mentally ill and WE should fix him for her.
It's not like she has done anything for the family in 11 years she has not had a job and is terrible at housework and cleaning or raising children it is usually my aunt and other cousins that do that work. The only thing she has managed to do is poop out two kids.
And despite all this John still loves her.
After his restraining order was gone he has gone back to live with her and just pretend everything is normal again.
The tipping point was last week when it was the 8 anniversary of my grandma passing, in our culture and religion we as a family try to read 30 chapters of the quran before that date. There were 3 chapters left and John wrote in the family group chat that Sarah will read the final 3.
At this point we give up my family and a lot of my extended family have pretty clearly stated that we want nothing to do with John and Sarah but my uncle and aunt really want to forgive them again.
Just makes me think is this situation going to get worse? I really thought she learned her lesson the first time but she does it again? I dont understand why my uncle and aunt is willing to forgive them should they and do you think she will cheat again?
Sorry for the long post but it is a lot. There are some details missed so if something is confusing or you want more details just post below.
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2021.10.26 06:41 d1rtbag_ my little man Artie loves his bed <3 finally got a pic of him in it

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2021.10.26 06:41 revrart Staking a "unlisted" token

Hi! I have added liquidity to the BNB/BIT pair. Since it is not in the top list I am not really sure if I get any tokens for this. Do I need to do anything more? I see the pair and the amount in the "Your liquidity" list. Will I get CAKE if trades are happening? Anything I need to know?

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2021.10.26 06:41 dol-english Đáp Án, và Giải Thích Local Council Report On Traffic And Highways | IELTS Listening Practice @ - Học Tiếng Anh Free - Chất lượng Premium

Xem giải thích chi tiết của IELTS Listening Passage Local Council Report On Traffic And Highways được lấy từ cuốn sách IELTS Cambridge 16 - Test 4 - Section 2. Giải thích được trình bày bằng Linearthinking được-cục-sở-hữu-trí-tuệ-công-nhận của DOL, và với giao diện dễ nhìn và dễ hiểu với các thí sinh IELTS. #dol #LocalCouncilReportOnTrafficAndHighways
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2021.10.26 06:41 Pure_Film6680 Why did the creators of shib decide to have a supply of 400T coins in the first place?????

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2021.10.26 06:41 Professional-Cow7083 TikTok

Тик Ток , образовательный контент, Что такое Moonbeam network
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2021.10.26 06:41 Natural_Translator70 Schadensersatz wegen Schimmel/ Wasserschaden

Ich bin vor drei Monaten in meine neue Wohnung gezogen. Nach ca. 1 Monat wurde die Decke in meiner Küche feucht und ich meldete dies unverzüglich dem Hauswart der Wohnung. Dieser kam auch am selben Tag noch vorbei und sagte, dass er sich darum kümmern würde. 1,5 Monate später und der Wasserschaden ist immer noch da und niemand hat sich darum gekümmert. Ich habe dies natürlich mehrmals bei der Hausverwaltung gemeldet. Da meine Wohnung nicht die einzige Wohnung mit diesem Problem ist, haben die aber noch nichts gemacht und sind in der Nachbarwohnung am Gange.. Jedenfalls habe ich heute endlich nach 1,5 Monaten die Verantwortliche bei der Hausverwaltung telefonisch erreicht um mal mit ihr darüber zu reden, wann es weiter geht und was mit dem Schadensersatz für die Einbauküche ist. Sie hat mir gesagt, dass sie sich heute noch wegen einem Termin zur Reparatur melden wird und, dass ich ihr eine Mail schreiben soll mit dem Betrag den wir als Schadensersatz für die Küche fordern. Es handelte sich um eine gebrauchte Küche die wir für 170 € gekauft haben. Zusätzlich kamen noch Kosten für Einbau und Transport dazu. Also theoretisch haben wir ca. 400 € ausgegeben. Außerdem bin ich selbstständig und habe einen Stundenlohn von 45€. Wenn ich mir diese Arbeit machen muss und mich nochmal komplett um die Küche kümmern muss, habe ich einen Verdienstausfall.. Wie würdet ihr in meiner Position vorgehen? Welchen Betrag würdet ihr fordern?
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2021.10.26 06:41 Fucur [homemade] focaccia and bread

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2021.10.26 06:41 jbrennan36 Rivian IPO To Open Early For Reservation Holders

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2021.10.26 06:41 rubes___ Australia W [1] - 0 Brazil W - Clare Polkinghorne 10’

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2021.10.26 06:41 LeBadinho Interesting article - Slowdown in UK CBD approval process threatens disruptions

Roughly 650 of 800-plus CBD food safety applications have been rejected by the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) amid a slowdown in the new approval process that has rattled stakeholders in the sector.
Six months after it set its initial deadline for compliance, the FSA is still unable to say when it will publish its final, complete list of validated CBD suppliers and products. The agency said it is still processing 213 applications but progress has slowed due to the complexity of many of those filings.
4 companies get edge Meanwhile three UK companies and one from the Czech Republic are the only producers that “should be allowed to stay on the market until a decision on their authorisation has been made,” according to the FSA.
A total 43 products that have received provisional approval include those from Rokshaw Laboratories, UK (20 products); Chanelle McCoy Health, Ireland (11 products); CANNABIS Pharma, s.r.o., Czech Republic (6 products); and Health Innovations Ltd., UK (6 products).
Stakeholders with pending applications have said they could go out of business as retailers have frozen their plans for stocking CBD products ­– putting a plug in the supply chain – pending the FSA’s final list.
Enforcement coming Like the European Union, the UK’s FSA has determined that food products containing CBD are subject to novel food safety standards, which must be met before new products may be sold. In the case of CBD, which has flooded the market in the UK and across Europe amid unclear laws and rules, UK regulators are determining which of those products are market-worthy and may remain on sale.
CBD companies that had products on the UK’s gray market as of Feb. 13, 2020 were required to file their applications for novel CBD foods by the end of March this year or remove the products from the market. The approximate 650 products which failed the process will be targeted by enforcement officials of UK Trading Standards if they are not removed, FSA said. The products were rejected because their applications were either incomplete or invalid; others were withdrawn by the applicants, according to the agency.
Applications to put novel foods on the UK market first go through an administrative check to make sure the documents are complete and in order; a validation phase then assures the product meets requirements for safety based on toxicological analysis, before final assessment.
Other stakeholder concerns In addition to the UK’s clogged novel food approval process, rules for CBD in the UK that are still being shaped have drawn broad concern among companies operating on the market, which a recent study said could hit £690 million (€800 million) this year.
Most importantly, stakeholders are pushing back against recommendations in an earlier CBD safety review that would set a THC limit of 0.03% in finished hemp food and supplement products and classify CBD products containing between 0.03% and 0.2% cannabinoids under Schedule 5 of the country’s Misuse of Drugs Regulations act.
Of the companies whose CBD products are provisionally approved, Rokshaw Laboratories, Sunderland, UK makes over-the-counter health aids; Chanelle McCoy Health, Galway, Ireland, which holds the Pureis CBD brand, is the producer of a range of own-brand CBD capsules and oils; Cannabis Pharma s.r.o, daughter company CBDepot, and 4MP Technologies, Chichester, England, are co-applicants; and Health Innovations, North Yorkshire, is a maker of solid dose nutritional supplements.

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2021.10.26 06:41 Smalde [ChelseaFCW] “Lots of Blues are playing on the international stage today and tomorrow!”

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2021.10.26 06:41 kungfugambler CHCL WEEK 3 SEYMOUR24 VS HUNTER44



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2021.10.26 06:41 uskodl [19/M] - looking for a close guy friend to have fun together

I am 19 years old guy who is in the second year of the medical school.
I like watching YouTube and shows (some animes too), reading, programming and doing bodyweight workouts.
I would like to have a close bond with some other guy. Living like real brothers. That would be hella nice.
Send a message if interested!
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