zr4kf 5bsdf r5ifb s7a6t 6a4ez baa28 tikhz yb2bf 7t9e3 b2zbs d8t7b d8bdz a27n8 t8af9 fbsfh fh85k n8h85 ia3ne in5f4 43347 288ee Dumb noob question, but should the new part be all tight like that? Or is it trying to get away from the light? Also, is that a touch of yellow on the tip? |

Dumb noob question, but should the new part be all tight like that? Or is it trying to get away from the light? Also, is that a touch of yellow on the tip?

2021.12.06 22:50 va_smoking Dumb noob question, but should the new part be all tight like that? Or is it trying to get away from the light? Also, is that a touch of yellow on the tip?

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2021.12.06 22:50 itk_jpeg ITAP of the Teton Range at sunrise

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2021.12.06 22:50 tarax0 besties

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2021.12.06 22:50 Bealybop The feeling of being gen-rushed, and remembering I put on noed.

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2021.12.06 22:50 trox2142 Anyone else sick of low effort ganks?

I know the title will probably push the wrong message but I’m referring to the laners giving little to no effort in the gank even at full health.
I have adcs straight up auto attack once then run away and that’s just not enough, it’s insulting as a jungler and makes me never want to gank their lane except for my own benefit.
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2021.12.06 22:50 wackeychem psat scores :~)

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2021.12.06 22:50 Odd-Mathematician198 ♥️♥️💜💜

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2021.12.06 22:50 itookyoureddit 45M4F

45.m.USA ... Hit me up
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2021.12.06 22:50 LemonRadiator Who do you want to win the WDC and why?

Pretty self explanatory, who do you want to win and why? Obviously those whose favourite drivers are either of the two contenders will want their respective favourite to win, but who are most of the neutrals supporting going into this?
Some will like both, some will like neither, but everyone will have a preference to whether they want to see that record 8th world title, or whether they’re happy to wait an extra year to see a new champion on the block.
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2021.12.06 22:50 Unlucky_Toe8535 Darwins diet

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2021.12.06 22:50 roseabella22334 Fuck school

People at my school are receiving phone calls from around 7 or 8 different numbers, saying they are going to the school to shoot it up. We already had an incident that was not told to the students as to not cause panic. The school said they will up the security but school will still be on going while the police are trying to find the person/people who made the calls. We have 2 security officers at the school normally and so they are sending another to the school to make it more secure. A two story highschool with over 2000 student with 3 officers. They said they hope this will not cause anyone to fear and stay home on the days the shooting was told to take place and they hoped to see us at school. I think this is fucking bullshit.
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2021.12.06 22:50 DM_Shade__ NA Miata as First Car?

So I am going to be purchasing my first car soon and I have been looking into getting an NA miata. The used market is alright with many NA's for sale under 10k and a wide availability of aftermarket parts. I think the car looks great and would be a fun car to drive but as I have looked into it more, I have read about a lot of downsides to the car. As the car would be 30+ years old, there would be many maintenance issues and as I am a 17 year old with no car experience at all, I think this may be a problem. I want to learn how to mod the car and immerse myself more into the car culture. Do you think a NB or NC miata may be a better option for me? I have also looked at 350z's, z3's, and eclipses but I am not sure which car to choose. The only real requirement for the car would be that it is under $10k, preferably around 8ish. The main use for the car would be sort of dailying and not tracking at all.
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2021.12.06 22:50 Arnadus [SHIB] ⬆ SHIBA INU +1.62% in 15 minutes.+9.41% in 24 hours . Volume +2.02% in 15 minutes

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2021.12.06 22:50 Glazed-Donutt Looking for Ink episode story

I read this one story a few years ago but I can’t remember the title or author :(. It’s about a female mc that lives with her old fashioned mom and dad. She meets a guy and his friends that are against the government and the ‘old-fashioned’ perspective of society. She runs away with them to retaliate, becoming a leader and following a plan with the group to bring an end to the government’s strict ruling. I remember there were 2 purple haired characters that were siblings, and 3 love interests for this story.If anyone knows what story im talking about pls lmk :,) sorry if this isn’t enough info or is confusing, this is all I remember.
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2021.12.06 22:50 dinodigger30 We ate brisket and beef short rib pho I made over the weekend

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2021.12.06 22:49 bruinsmashabs please help edit out or blend the white around the pup so it looks better overall. thankyou

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2021.12.06 22:49 FallCompetitive7976 07-December I am still here

It is 07-December 01:49. I am resigned.
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2021.12.06 22:49 cjm99 Songs like 2! 3! - BTS and 5-14 (Last Page) - Monsta X

Idk how to describe really besides like a nostalgic meaning with lyrics really being a message for the fans who grew up supporting these groups.
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2021.12.06 22:49 icarrytheone Question: in my stock 21 JL Sahara, on factory Bridgestone all season tires, wheeling alone, do I need a winch? I'm not crawling but I'm deep in northwest Montana national forests every weekend, year round, mostly hiking. More info in each pic. Appreciate any advice.

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2021.12.06 22:49 JaylahGirl The sooner you start the better results you'll get

I've read that line so many times when girls ask about HRT. I'm now 29 and started taking low dose HRT. What are my chances of looking female/passing? I know the tale is "it depends on a variety of thing" but ugh I've been so depressed I just wish there was some sort of test to tell how ill look. I just want to look like a women and not have to deal with shitty people or discrimination. I wish I transitioned soon but I didn't even realize it was an option till my mid twenties and then I had go get through the "am I really Trans phase." Now I feel like I misses the looking fem bus and wasted my entire twenties being stuck as a stupid male presenting thing.
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2021.12.06 22:49 y_TheMan_y Mater Dolorosa, Onorio Marinari, Oil on Canvas, 1670s

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2021.12.06 22:49 Impressive_Violin_83 All of my feathers aren't square incomplete when we aren't inside my new sandwich did you only walk when it's not the most important throw it's raining outside mouth Australia and lost are the second before jump and eat dinner rainbow white red camera Chipotle Chickfila Panda Express Minnesota

Did we really decide?
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2021.12.06 22:49 Masterofbowling M20, hi all, what’s your first impression?

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2021.12.06 22:49 f2d4ads How do I tell my brother I think he should get my niece tested?

Hi guys, I really hope I’m not breaking any rules here. I read them all, mods please delete if so but I’m really just seeking guidance on how to bring this up without putting my foot in my mouth like I so often do. My 9 year old niece is an angel and I adore her, she’s one of the brightest kids I’ve ever met. I’m not trying to diagnose her but I’ve noticed she has a lot of the same behaviors as me when I (20f) was that age. She’s almost 10 years old and she’s in the gifted program, and to me it seems like she has pretty bad RSD but she could just be a sensitive kid. Her parents tested her for autism when she was younger but she apparently didn’t have it. I want to broach the subject with my brother (41m) that I think him and his wife should do testing for her because she’s a lovely girl and I don’t want her to go through the same pain I did in school. I’m just scared because her mother has a “hippie” pseudoscience attitude to a lot of stuff and I’m afraid she might not take me seriously. If she does end up having it I’m not even saying that they should or need to put her on medicine but they should at least know how to deal with her special attributes. I’m not very close to him because he’s my half brother and we have a really large age difference but I think it comes from our mom’s side of the family. I just don’t want him to feel like I’m making baseless accusations about his kid. Can anyone give me advice on how to start the conversation?
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2021.12.06 22:49 tomuchcoffeetoday Roaster Spotlight: Mythical Coffee

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