Checking back fees before purchasing???

2021.12.06 23:08 DickandScroty Checking back fees before purchasing???

Is there any way to check back fees on a vehicle before buying it, I found exactly what I’m looking for however the current owner never put it in his name and it hasn’t been registered in two years he says. Any help would be great.
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2021.12.06 23:08 n-cend A compilation of Nene's cutest vocal tic

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2021.12.06 23:08 typeodazig Ice Nine Kills - The Silver Scream 2xLP (Silver Vinyl made for 2021 graphic novel)

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2021.12.06 23:08 iDevice_Help Elon Musk's 'Twitter Poll' Stock Sale Proven a Sham, as He's Actually Buying Up Shares Like Mad - SFist

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2021.12.06 23:08 Byrdman1251 My fiance thinks I'm cheating on her

My (20m) fiance (22f) thinks I'm cheating on her, which I am not and never would, because I was horny a looked at a tik tok girl's instagram a long time ago. I'm completely lost on what to do and I'm panicking. She's not talking to me, and locked me out of our room and I'm trying so hard not to cry I don't know what I've been doing wrong all this time to make her think that I could do something like this. I tried giving her my phone to look through it but she refused. I don't know what I can do. Please help.
TlDr: the title says it all
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2021.12.06 23:08 pettyvendetta Tracking drums today

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2021.12.06 23:08 Anormaluser00 is the destiny 1 playerbase still alive?

Ive always wanted to back to the simpler days where there was no LFG you just found people in the tower and hoped for the best , you could spend hours and hours repeating the same strike just to get the weapon you wanted, go to the tower and enjoy the music and socialize in a place where it acctualy feels like home, always looking forward to the faction rewards , playing crucible and using whatever weapon you liked and having no disadvantage and the list goes on and on.
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2021.12.06 23:08 ploptober Survey on how Canadians changed their fertility intentions due to the pandemic. 19% lowered their intentions (fewer kids or having them later), 4% increased them and 77% left them unchanged.

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2021.12.06 23:08 Plus_Television_538 Bhad Bhabie So Sexy in Bikini On Tiktok NEW VIDEO

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2021.12.06 23:08 AkronTheFolfsky The easiest enemy. Can i get some matchups?

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2021.12.06 23:08 mitchamusprime Looking for help on any EE hunt from bo3 or 4 (PS)

I've never completed an Easter egg before on any map, and I'm nowhere near good enough to on my own, hoping to find some people nice enough to carry me through one? Don't know if this is the right place to ask
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2021.12.06 23:08 shittynursemain Anyone else nervous to ask for fem clothes?

Both of my parents know I’m bi and are accepting, but still nervous asking about other fem clothes considering that it was a bit of a struggle to get thigh highs.
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2021.12.06 23:08 iDevice_Help Elon Musk says the US should 'get rid of all' government subsidies - The Verge

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2021.12.06 23:08 portalrbn Vitórias de Atlético-GO e Santos embolam briga por Libertadores

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2021.12.06 23:08 futurelaker88 Play 5 and Record Player

I currently have a Play 5 plugged into a record player and it sounds great. So good I want a 2nd Five to make a stereo pair. To do this, does it work like all other Sonos speaker pairs where I create a stereo pair in the app and leave the player plugged into one of the two? Or do I need to split the cable and go into both speakers? Also, my volume on the five with the RCA cable is significantly lower than when streaming even with the volume level in the app at 10!! Says record player (av component) should be at +2!! Is that just a sign of a cheap preamp?
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2021.12.06 23:08 Mobile-Tooth Question about discharged debts

If a company is ordered to pay a former employee during a human rights case, are they able to declare bankruptcy to get out of paying that debt? Does bankruptcy absolve them of it, or are suits such as those unable to be discharged? Any answers you may have will be beneficial.
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2021.12.06 23:08 alonetraveller3 [NO SPOILERS]. Life Is Strange: True Colors infinite loading

I downloaded Life Is Strange True Colors, set the graphics on low and started playing. at the beginning of the first episode, the FPS was fine, but then it started loading and spent about 30 minutes loading and then it gave an fatal error.
I thought I fixed the fatal error but the game continued to take a long time to load and it just doesn't finish, it just keeps loading infinitely and after 30-40 minutes It Just crash.
Can anyone help me with this?
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2021.12.06 23:08 pokemongoluvr Zekrom raid on me- be online

1219 3899 0152
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2021.12.06 23:08 warnox Home Security System Recommendations

I am looking for recommendations for a modern home security (alarm) system.

Thanks for any help.
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2021.12.06 23:08 Masenku Scorching Enoch. An AP guide for Pyromancers

This build is meant to play aggressive and close to the NPC’s. You will buff your own and team damage by 75% while literally blowing away those who would stand around and before you. There is an image of the final build at the bottom.
## Skills and Class Tree
For skills we will be using **Heatwave** to increase the damage our enemies will take while causing lots of damage very regularly (through the waves themselves, fire DOT and mods). We will also be using **F.A.S.E.R. Beam** to literally blow away those before us as well as those around us twice. The final skill is **Feed the Flames** to proc more AP as often as we possibly can. The full heal is also very handy.
Our class tree will be spent largely in the middle, Fire Storm. This will allow us to take more of a beating without dying and give us some anomaly power as well as some resistance piercing . There’s also branching up the middle to the top for Hot Situation.
## Starting Gear
Assuming you’re just getting a Pyro build together, the following would be your starting point. The budget build version if you will. So where do you begin?
First you want some good quality blue and purple gear. Level of gear be damned, you can upgrade it (though it can be expensive for purples). There are two very easy and reliable ways to acquire said gear. Make sure you’ve reset your monster hunt quest line and farm either of Wendigo (found at “The Gate”) or Hauras (found at “The Dunes”). Make sure you let the fodder spawns kill you to rinse and repeat the boss(es) for drops. Vendors are also worth checking out every 30min.
- Wendigo has the advantage of being very quick to access from camp. The quest marker is right behind camp and so is the entrance to the combat area. This means you can farm it for 30min and then run out and check vendors then come back with ease. This helps break up the farm for a change of pace. - Hauras has an advantage of having 2 “big boys” to farm for loot. This means more loot per run. But access isn’t as easy. Their quest marker is a run from camp and the combat area a run from that with the fast travel flag between these two spots making it useless. The combat area is also a 2 stage area where you load into the final area containing the bosses. So vendor shopping isn’t as easy.
It really depends on your preference of who to farm. Or you can break it up for sanity’s sake every session or couple of hours between the pair of them. I also recommend deconstructing EVERYTHING you get and won’t keep. This will build a good bank of leather, iron and shards as well as some titanium for later use. My plan was to keep gear for two builds only, this AP build and a DOT build. This made it much quicker after several runs as I only needed to keep 2 pieces of gear per slot, the best of what I wanted.
All gear you keep for this build should have anomaly power, status power and cool down reduction. These will boost your skills base damages, increased damage and frequency to which you can use them respectively. You want a blue or purple…:
- … chest with *Tidal Wave* to give you a second **Heatwave** use. - … leg with *Burnt-Out* OR *Frequent FASER* to either increase the damage enemies take after being hit by **Heatwave** or to spam **FASER** more often. - … boots with *Size Matters* OR *Volcanic Armor* to increase the effectiveness of FASER or to survive the cast time of FASER without worry.
Getting these pieces form the core of what we will build as a start. If you’ve got better pieces (legendry's or tier 3 mods already then check out below when we truly become “altered”). To the chest piece we want to add *Ride the Wave* to gain a third use of **Heatwave**. To the leg and boots add the other mod we were willing to take. The boots will end up being a piece that makes into the upgraded build, so spending shards on it is a good idea. You can spend shards on the other pieces as you can destroy them later to get the shards back after you get the upgrade pieces.
Ideally you want to get a purple glove with the previously mentioned attributes and *Untamed Power* as the tier 2 mod. This will also be a permanent piece for the build like the boot.
This leaves the 2 mods on the head piece and the 1 mod on the glove. If you have no tier 3 mods, then good options from the tier 2 pool are:
- *Bullet Kindling* to increase the damage done by your subsequent *Heatwaves*, melee attacks and **FASER** that hit burning NPC’s. - *Twice as Hot* to push out some extra damage for free. - *Martial Arts* to spam your melee more often. This is useful as it will ignite enemies and proc *Untamed Power*. - *Phantom Dash* to have the ability to “leap” through enemies that have swarmed you. - a defensive mod of choice if you find yourself dying a lot (not *Mitigation from Death* as you aren’t aiming down sights much at all and you’re certainly not killing with the gun), like *Damage Absorber* or *Perseverance Shields*.
For your weapon, any type will do. You won’t be shooting it much. What you do want as attributes though are status power and skill life leech. The former to increase the damage done by both **FASER** and any fire DOT while the latter helps keep you alive. As for a mod, anything that has free damage on a short cool down is good. For tier 2 options either of *Storm Whip* or *Death Chains* works well.
## How to light ‘em Up
Play this build aggressively. Stay close to the NPC’s and don’t let up. Think of yourself as a fire based Devastator. You’ll heal by killing enemies marked by your skills, and from skill life leech when your skills damage enemies (including the fire DOT).

  1. Rush towards the enemies and use **Feed the Flames** for an AP boost from the class tree and proc *Untamed Power*. After this, use *Feed the Flames* WHENEVER it is off of cool down to proc that sweet, sweet 45% AP boost.
  2. Position yourself close to the enemies and unleash your three **Heatwaves** towards the majority of them or the big bad elite. Each use will proc *Untamed Power* again (which is why you want to be close).
  3. Then fire your **FASER Beam** towards whoever won’t die from burning out due to the fire DOT (usually a big bad elite or a new spawn of many enemies). Again, this will proc *Untamed Power*.
  4. Do a melee attack to once again proc *Untamed Power*. **Heatwave** should now be off of cool down and you can go back to step 2. Otherwise…
  5. …if **Heatwave** is still not off cool down then use your weapon to proc its damage mod. If you’re still waiting for **Heatwave** go back to step 4, otherwise go back to step 2.
# Becoming “Altered”
Once you can farm for better gear (ie// you’ve reached end game), or if you have passed along some tier 3 mods from other characters of yours, it’s time to assemble the final version of this build. The one that should make you feel like a god of fire.
You guessed it, we need the Acari head, chest and waistcloth. You will keep *Fire Tsunami* on the headpiece since that makes your **Heatwaves** even better. You will keep *Tidal Wave* on the chest. You will keep *Anomaly Echo* on the pant since that’s more useful than *Irradiation Wave* (side note; too bad it wasn’t *Burnt-Out* that was native on the waistcloth). To these you want/need to add:
- *Captain Hunter* for more damage to elites. - *Ride the Wave* to retain 3 uses of **Heatwave**. - *Burnt-Out* to keep the damage debuff stacking for yourself and any teammates.
To the glove you had earlier with *Untamed Power*, add on *Frequent FASER*. The boots you had are already perfect for the build.
Some worthy alternatives to *Captain Hunter* are;
- *Unstoppable Force*. You pick up 45% resistance piercing with “Magma Elemental” at the top of the Fire Storm class tree constantly, so that means 22.5% more AP that is basically always on. If you’re comfortable dropping *Volcanic Armor* then you could pick up *No Resistance against the Fortified* which transfers the 45% armor piercing from “Magma Elemental” into 22.5% more resistance piercing for another 11.25% more AP from *Unstoppable Force*. If you also have armor piercing on your weapon, then that’s another 15% resistance piercing for another 7.5% AP from both of these mods. You could also trade “Trial by Fire” in the Fire Storm branch of the class tree for “Conflagration” in the Ash Breaker branch of the class tree to gain 15% more resistance piercing for 7.5% more AP. All this to say, more AP means higher damage on skills AND the fire damage over time. Which means bigger returns from skill leech. - *Power Assimilation* is another good tier 3 mod. This will give you a lot of extra AP when you need it most, when lots of elites show up. As far as I can tell this boosts your base AP which your %AP boosts will further amplify. - *Ashen Champion* also increases your AP by a % based on how many NPC’s you hit with your **FASER**. It also solidifies NPC’s in ash for a moment or two immediately giving you breathing room. Plus it looks cool having orbs circling you.
[Here is an image of the build](
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2021.12.06 23:08 iDevice_Help Grimes Seemingly Sings About Elon Musk in 'Player of Games': 'He'll Aways Love the Game' More -

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2021.12.06 23:08 4nalog 2014 trek. Thinking about adding remote start and new head unit

So Reddit, what recommendations do you guys have for 3rd party remote start options? Prefer something available at best buy (install/warranty/discounts on them).
Compustar vs viper? Only need a simple setup with a single fob. automatic transmission.
Any thoughts on 3rd party head units?
Toying with the idea of using the iDataLink Maestro setup. Pioneer Kenwood Alpine? Sony?
Hit me with your upgrade recommendations please.
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2021.12.06 23:08 heygurlidk0101 teen boy help

hi-- senior girl in high school here at boarding school. I had my first kiss freshman year and had yet to have another since.
this past Tuesday i completely switched classes, and in doing so, met a new guy who's a post graduate. we started talking and exchanged snapchats, and had been texting ever since. this past saturday, after knowing him for about 4 days, he asked me to an event, so i said yes. after 30 minutes he asked to go back to my dorm, but i didn't want him in there, so instead offered to go to his room.
we check in in the common room and go upstairs. his room was DISGUSTING. like, classic teen boy gross. stinkbug on the wall. we ended up sitting on his floor and he puts on friends, so i tell him i need to go at 10:30 in case i need an out. at around 10:20 he starts looking really intently at. me, and this whole time i know he's just wanted to make out. at 10:23, he pauses friends and says "i think youre a little too into that" then proceeds to kiss me and we make out for like 5 minutes. lets just say i did not enjoy. ive never really loved kissing but even still.... at 10:28 i pull away and say sorry i need to leave. he walks me downstairs and the 30 boys in the common room CHEER for him as i walk out. i felt so.... idk
next day he's like that was fun lets hang tonight so i say i have something at 6 which he is also going to, and make a plan to end it with him. i tell him i can meet him at 5:30 because he keeps texting me and he's like "well thats not much time" (FIRST OFF HOW LONG DO U WANNA MAKEOUT FOR WTF). im like i can do 5:30 so we meet and first off, as he's walking out of his dorm i kid you not 10 windows opened from the building and boys stuck their heads out cheering for him. so anyway we go makeout for like 20 minutes, but i was smart and set an alarm for 5:50 so at 5:50 i am like oh shoot i have to go take some medicine so he walks me back to my room, and waits outside, while i go pretend to take medicine but actually brush my teeth. i come back down and as we are walking to the 6 o clock event i tell him: Hey i was just thinking about it and want to let you know im not looking for anything long term or even a friends with benefits situation this term, but im glad we can go to events and stuff and hang as friends. he seemed sad and didn't talk at all during the event, but at the end hung out w me again and walked me home.
that evening, he snapchats me saying do i want to go to the library to study so im like yay! friend stuff! so i say sure. i go and say ill meet him there, choosing the most populated room. he shows up. no backpack :/ very clear he was not there to study. i pull out my computer and start working, and about 20 min in he asks if i want to go to the bathrooms (LOL). i say no sorry im gonna work, and he asks again are you sure? im like yes. SO FINALLY i text my friend like lol help get me out of this sitch and she comes, feigning a breakup, to get me out of the building.
then, today, my ex boyfriend asked me in class if i had a fun time in the dorm the boy i had hooked up with lives in on saturday night, and i was like what, to which he says stuff gets around. i find out the whole grades knows, AND he asked to hookup again tonight.
how do i get out of this situation please lol.
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2021.12.06 23:08 Creative_falcon7 Help with staking

I staked about 3 million shib when shiba swap first came out. When It got to 30 million shib, yesterday, I planned on pulling it out the next day. However, when I looked at it today, it said I had 0 woofable ryoshis. What do I do to fix that? Am I screwed?
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2021.12.06 23:08 Adventurous-Bus-3453 Why do people say the closer the scream seems the farther away it is, How does this even make sense?

I am sorry I have no story, well... not yet anyways
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