My daughter loves these cars and the “pool”

2021.12.06 23:17 Edwin_Danielson My daughter loves these cars and the “pool”

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2021.12.06 23:17 Garrett5051 It’s crazy how the God Breathed lyrics have stayed the same since JIK

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2021.12.06 23:17 Difficult-Abroad-942 Anybody wanna play the forest with my on my world on ps4 central time

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2021.12.06 23:17 GoFishOldMaid What is your long story of funny ironic coincidence where the stars aligned just right to make you laugh your ass off?

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2021.12.06 23:17 Hector_Martinez04 College list tips for a broke aspiring pre-med

Hey everyone, I'm a high school junior and I want to apply to college in the states next year. I want to be a physician-scientist so I'm looking for good pre-med programs with research opportunities and generous financial aid. I know the med route in the United States is extremely challenging for international students, but hey, it's not like I have anything to lose by applying. Worst-case scenario I come back home with an undergrad degree, pursue grad school, and then go to med school (all of which I eventually want to do given my career path).
Here's my list, any tips/school suggestions/etc would be heavily appreciated! :
Reach Schools (all full need, most need-aware)

  1. Stanford
  2. Johns Hopkins
  3. Harvard
  4. Yale
  5. Princeton
  6. Columbia
  7. University of Pennsylvania
  8. Dartmouth
  9. University of Chicago
  10. Amherst
  11. Pomona
Target Schools (mix of good merit and need-based scholarships)
  1. Kenyon
  2. LeHigh
  3. Fordham
  4. Loyola (Maryland)
  5. Occidental College
  6. Colgate (no app fee, full need)
  7. Vassar (full need)
For some context, I'm a straight-A student in the Diploma Program. Medicine is the one subject that completely shakes me to my core. I'm currently doing research to prevent drug-resistant cases of Tuberculosis in Mexico, I'm the founder and leader of my school's science club, and I've participated in a handful of state and national science fairs in which I've won first place. Next year I'm going to an international one. I'm going to an international medicine summer program next summer, and this year I made it to the final rounds of the Rise scholarship.
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2021.12.06 23:17 xxalisonrose What “unconventional” stop are you planning on making during the marathon?

Now that the course map has been released, what stops do you plan on making? When I first signed up, I was planning on riding Everest, but now that will be closed :(
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2021.12.06 23:17 adang95 Graduate student looking for volunteer participants - Food Delivery Services Study!

Hi everyone!
I'm conducting a qualitative research on Food Delivery Services (e.g., UberEats, DoorDash, SkiptheDishes, in-house services provided by restaurants) for my Graduate degree and I'm looking for current/active USERS (in US/Canada only) who are willing to spend 1 hour on Zoom with me! Unfortunately, I do not have any funding for compensation. Please send me an email at []( if you can help me out!
Thank you so much!
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2021.12.06 23:17 FlakyTangelo9627 I need guidance within IT area

I am planning to switch career and start studying whatever is necessary in order to get a remote job in IT.

  1. Is there a way to achieve this while bypassing a Bachelor Degree?
    Instead, achieving it with self-learning and by obtaining different accredtations and certificates.
  2. What are the jobs in IT that allow for a remote-work scheme (80% to exclusively online) and that offer a good effort-time-income ratio?
Thank you.
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2021.12.06 23:17 Admirable_Nobody8622 Something bothering me upon rewatching for the 20th time

Anybody else slightly bothered that Gary Clark let April go when he was after everyone else on his wife's case? It was if he didn't even recognize her. I know her whole Oprah speech thing happened but then he confronts Lexie and doesn't even mention April. Feels like a plot hole to me.
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2021.12.06 23:17 mja9678 Will Anderson Jr. Wins the Bronko Nagurski Award for the Nation's Best Defensive Player

Just announced on their live stream. I'll link a source if it's needed.
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2021.12.06 23:17 UndisputedRabbit Support the LGBTQ!

Support the LGBTQ!
Lets Go Brandon Trump Qanon
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2021.12.06 23:17 xdmbx Orders butter chicken - it is actually butt turd chicken

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2021.12.06 23:17 Gallius_Rax One more upgrade to go!

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2021.12.06 23:17 jzinn225 And the world, we a better place 🥰

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2021.12.06 23:17 mr_daddycool1 Anushka sen

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2021.12.06 23:17 Material-Chemical-61 Yaris 2011-2014 vs Auris 2007-2011 which is better

My question is in the title I'm deciding between both each has about 80 thousand kms or less well looked after
It seems both have cvt transmission and it seems the auris has one by default for every model no matter what engine
I understand the auris is a bigger car but the ones available to me are older years 07-11 and the yaris/vitz I can get are newer years 11-14
From what I understand the yaris/vitz is actually a mazda engine with a Toyota logo
And the auris is a variation of the toyota corolla
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2021.12.06 23:17 gifmeuk New trending GIF on Giphy

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2021.12.06 23:17 Square_Low1583 pov: you had the AUDACITY to call ms lin beifong a clod (any constructive criticism is welcomed and appreciated but please don’t be mean!)

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2021.12.06 23:17 swimdawg Dosage calc question

For my calculations and self education / experimentation when saying a "200mg dosage of testosterone cypionate", is that already calculating the mg dose of ester included? As in the actual dose is 140mg of testosterone and 60mg of cypionate ester.
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2021.12.06 23:17 SquishySquid0 LOOKING FOR WINTER18 HALO

My offer is Spring20, wg corset, and 100k-156k. Pls lmk if I'm under or overpaying by a bit :')
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2021.12.06 23:17 gifmeuk New trending GIF on Giphy

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2021.12.06 23:17 paul_is_on_reddit D2 side hustles

For those of you struggling, I thought I'd post a short guide to help you all gain some wealth. I call these D2 side hustles. 1: Upgrade all low runes to Ral. Sell Rals in packs of 10 or 20. El, Eld, Tir, Nef, Eth, Ith, Tal. Most people skip these, go ahead and grab them. Rals are used in the caster amulet recipe and people use a TON of them, so they'll often pay for Rals in large quantities. I usually sell a pack of 15 for Pul or 20 for Um. 2: Collect Pgems, but sell them stragically. Everyone knows the pul 4 40pgems trade, it's pretty standard. What you want to do to maximize profit is separate your pgems. Keep Ruby and Amethysts separate. The other pgems, sell in packs of 40 for puls. These are used for rerolling charms. Rubys are used in the blood crafting recipes and can go for a little more. You can get a pul for ~30 of those. Amethysts are used in caster crafting recipes and you can get a ist for a pack of 30. 3: Jewels. The same idea as the other ones, just collect jewels. They're used in crafting and the stats or ilevel do not matter. Pick up every jewel you see and even if it's a terrible jewel, keep it. Sell junk jewels in packs of 20 or 40 to crafters for Lem-Pul 4: Socket quests. If you have a partner or can get rushes easily, go ahead and create a new character, rush to A5 and get your larzuk quest, then Sell the quest. Some people will pay a Lem or a Fal for you to socket an item for them. This is tough to negotiate, since there is trust involved, DO NOT SCAM PEOPLE. You want to make some friends and get repeat business. I occasionally have people message me in game "Hey, You got a Larzuk quest?". It's best to join a discord or have some private group to sell this service to. Just keep these things in mind as you play, it doesn't matter what you're actually doing. With these tactics you can reliable generate a pul or two for every couple hours of play. If anyone can think of other things please put them in the comments. If you're already well established with good gear and you're looking to get uber rich, you can be on the other end of these trades. Buy the amethysts and try to roll that GG caster ammy so you can sell it for 50 Bers. Good luck everyone. For the newbies and poor folks, don't try to roll this ammy yourself because it will take hundreds (thousands?) of amethysts and other crafting mats. That's why you just farm the mats and let the people with stashes full of pul runes buy them from you and do the crafting.
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2021.12.06 23:17 CrimesFromTheEast The Disha Murder case : India 2019, a 26 year old woman is attacked on a desolate highway Toll Plaza by 4 monsters who rape her, murder her & then burn her body in an underpass. They never survived to see a conviction. Was justice served?

Disha in Hindi means direction or one who shows the way. The victim in this case is Disha, but that is not her real name. It the name given to her publicly by the Police & her family. We do not know of nor choose to seek out the real identity of Disha. As we have spoken before there are layers of subtle & blatant stigmatization that goes hand in hand with rape victims & their families in most of South Asia.
On November 27 2019 at around 6pm in the evening, Disha parked her scooter near a Tondupally Toll Plaza in Shamshabad on the Nehru Outer Ring Road just outside Hyderabad. A Toll Plaza is similar to a rest stop near a Toll check point where trucks & other vehicles can park. A lot of the stopped vehicles there are waiting to get the clearance to carry commercial goods beyond that check point. The right amount of tax & fees etc need to be paid before they can enter or exit the city. The toll plaza is near the ring road which also makes it a good spot for cabs & buses to pick up passengers entering or leaving that part of the city. And this is precisely why Disha parked her scooter there. She hailed a cab from the Toll Plaza to visit a dermatologist in Gachibowli which is 26KM/16miles away. Most of us don’t think much about doing things like this, ordinary errands that do not warrant any extra precautions. Disha boarded the cab & left a little after 6:15pm. Unbeknownst to her, eyes were watching Disha that evening. Lustful, malicious, evil eyes that followed Disha’s every move & anticipated her return later possibly when the Toll Plaza would be deserted.
At around 9:15pm Disha returned to the Tondupally Toll Plaza and tried to start her scooter up so she could get out of there as quick as possible. However, she found that both the tires to her scooter were completely flat, punctured and rendered her bike unusable.
Well in that moment, Disha must have felt truly afraid being alone on a dark road although just next to a busy Toll booth, there really is no place that is truly safe at night for women in India. She called her younger sister using her cell phone and told her about her predicament. Disha told her that she had gotten on her scooter & started the bike to leave but 4 men shouted out to her that the rear tire of her scooter is punctured & that she wouldn’t be able to drive like that. They had held on to the back of the bike & then insisted that they help her fix the tire.
She had quickly gotten off & then immediately called her sister because she felt uneasy. She told her sister that she was ok but she was very afraid of the men standing behind her who were just staring at her from the shadows. Then Disha says that one of them has taken away the bike to get it repaired. She asked her sister to keep talking to her till he returns with the bike as she felt incredibly unsafe alone with those men. Her sister asked her to call for another cab at once and leave for home leaving the bike there. This is where the 6 minute 45 second call ended when Disha said she would call back but sadly that call never came. Disha’s sister never heard her sister’s voice again. Disha’s phone is switched off minutes after & her family are not able to get in touch with her. The Family reached the Toll Plaza within an hour at 10:20pm & looked everywhere but found no trace of Disha. They approached the Police Station at the RG International Airport because it was directly on that highway & very close to the Toll Plaza but the Cops there refused to lodge a case or help because they said it is not under their jurisdiction.
Disha’s family went to the Shamshabad Police station & asked for help there. The cops there were no better, in fact they questioned the family if perhaps Disha had eloped with a secret boyfriend, wasting precious time instead of doing their jobs & looking for her.
It was 3 am by the time 2 constables were sent with the family to search the Toll Plaza. They found nothing, there was no sign of Disha or her red scooter. At 8 am the next morning, 10 hours after Disha’s last phone call, a milkman returning from his delivery route near the Chatanapally underpass noticed something sticking out of the bonfire he had seen on his way earlier. It was a human hand. Soon word reached the Shamshabad Police station & the family was taken to the spot where much to their horror they found the burnt remains of a young female victim. There was no means of identifying this body but they noticed that she was wearing a gold pendant on a necklace. The pendant was that of the Hindu God Ganesha. This is how Disha’s remains was identified right there as it lay smoldering below the underpass. Other items found there were also identified as Disha’s – a torn scarf & the buckle from her purse.
As the family mourned their incredible loss, the Police suddenly snapped into action, determined to find the killers. 10 teams were deployed all through the Shamshabad & Tondupally areas to search & question along the Highway. Disha’s bike was found by the road near the underpass with the key missing. Near the Toll Plaza, some 100meters away, Police found women’s underwear strewn about as well as an empty bottle of whisky. The emergency line for police in India is Ek shunya shunya or 100. There was a call on this emergency number from a petrol pump employee who reported that 2 men had come in to the gas station in Nandigama on the night of Nov 27th asking for petrol in a plastic bottle. This is illegal in India. You can only buy loose petrol in jerry cans.
When news of these burnt remains being discovered spread on the local media channels, the petrol pump employee felt he needed to report the incident he had witnessed. That night, at around midnight a young man had approached him and asked for half a gallon of petrol. The pump employee asked the young man why he needed it to which he replied that his car had broken down 10km or 6 miles away. The pump employee found that incredibly suspicious because there were at least 15 other petrol pumps between that broken down car & this pump so why had he come all this way? The young man had no straight answers and kept speaking vaguely, he appeared to be under a lot of stress and was behaving rather suspiciously. The employee refused to sell the petrol and watched the young man get on a red scooter with another man. He followed them for a little bit and saw that a truck was travelling alongside them. This tip off by the petrol pump employee is what ultimately cracked the case in that short period because the Police at once looked at the CCTV footage from that pump. The perps were seen riding Disha’s red Scooter. Police looked at the CCTV footage of the Toll Plaza and the surrounding businesses and noticed that there was a Truck and Disha’s scooter being ridden away. A sketch was made of that young perp from the petrol pump. On further inquiries the police traced the men to a village in the outskirts of Narayan Peth. I could not find out exactly how these 4 men were caught but they were caught within 48 hours of the murder. I think the Trucks plates were identified on CCTV at the Toll Plaza because those CCTV’s are usually good quality. Once they knew the truck plates, they knew who the driver & his associates were. The 4 men arrested were Mohammed Arif, aged 26, Chennakesavulu aged 20, Siva & Naveen both aged 20. The older men were Truck drivers & the two younger men were cleaners.
The suspects were kept in very high profiled secure jail cells because the public had erupted in a fury that was getting harder to contain. Outside the police stations were masses of protesters chanting for the suspects to be either hanged or handed over to the public. Over the course of 6 days the Police interrogated the suspects who confessed and laid out the gruesome crime they had committed.
Arif was carrying bricks from Karnataka to Hyderabad in his truck but the receiver of the load was unreachable so he parked the truck at the Toll Plaza and waited to hear from him. He met up with the 3 other suspects while he waited and the men consumed alcohol getting more drunk by the hour. At 6pm they saw Disha parking her bike. They knew any trip in & out of this ring road highway would take at least a couple of hours and by the time Disha would return it would be dark & desolate. They decided to entrap & sexually assault Disha. The men punctured the bike’s tires and waited to execute their dastardly plan. When Disha arrived at 9:15pm and tried to leave they talked her into letting them help her fix the bike. Just after she hung up the call with her sister, they approached her. Arif gave her his cell phone number to gain her confidence & then they lured her a little further using her bike as bait. Once they were in the shadows, they grabbed Disha and dragged her to a secluded spot behind the line od empty trucked parked along the road. There, they force fed Disha alcohol and then took turns sexually assaulting her. They had covered her mouth & nose to muffle her screams which ended up suffocating her to death around 9:35 pm.
Siva returned with the bike and found that Disha had died during the course of the rape. However, this did not stop him from further desecrating her remains by committing necrophilia with the corpse. The men wrapped up the body in a sheet, drove to the 2 petrol stations & after procuring the fuel, set the body on fire around 2am below the Chatanapally underpass. Toxicology reports showed that alcohol was found in Disha’s body. DNA reports received by the police showed that the Seminal fluids found on Disha’s scarf and underwear belonged to the 4 accused men. Disha’s identity was also confirmed using DNA tests.
Allegedly, as per the commissioner of Police of Cyberabad the men confessed to having committed 9 other rape & murders in the adjoining regions in 3 different states. There were indeed at least 6 cold cases of burnt remains being found of female victims in that area so it is not hard to believe that they could have been responsible for them. However, you need more than just confessions to rightfully convict for such serious crimes. That eventually, a conviction was never realized. Because on December 6th, merely a week after Disha’s murder, the 4 suspects were killed in an encounter with the Police during a crime scene reconstruction & evidence gathering visit to the underpass. The Police claimed that the suspects who were for some reason not hand cuffed, had grabbed the cop’s guns and started to fire at them so they had to be shot at in self-defense. The public was absolutely overjoyed. They felicitated pictures of the police commissioner and fed sweets to all the cops on the streets, hoisting them on their shoulders rejoicing the deaths of such cruel monsters. Incidentally, the same Commissioner was also part of a team that shot 3 other suspects years ago who had thrown highly corrosive acid on a girl who the man was aggressively pursuing/harassing.
So, there is a pattern on instant justice that we see here. We can’t say it was fair, that true justice was served because India is a Democracy with a solid constitution in place to mete out sentences in accordance to the laws of the land. Yes, the judicial & legal system is over burdened beyond belief, yes it takes years, sometimes decades to see court cases through and yes conviction rates are not high in cases of sexual assault or murder. But still, extra judicial killings are perhaps not the solution. They don’t solve crime; they possibly don’t even deter crime at least not after some time has passed.
The Home minister of Telangana made a horrible comment totally victim blaming Disha when he said, I quote, “She is a doctor, she is educated. Why did she call her sister first? She should have called 100 first.” Shut up with that idiotic & hurtful rhetoric, how about making sure your cops know how to handle missing persons cases better & to respond with more urgency? Prime example of inane leadership in the country.
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2021.12.06 23:17 jarvis513 Does chrome os replace Android completely, or are there limitations?

In a business setting, I use my phone and Google services a lot.
Unfortunately, Google recently stripped a feature that I NEED. Keeping work/personal photos separate, is critical and used to be accomplished with a work profile on my phone.
Both cameras would automatically sync to their respective accounts.
Now, I could pay more to reenable the feature, but it's a per user monthly charge. Not worth it.
Enter, tablet. I've wanted to get a tablet for some time. I will be syncing it to my work account, and using it primarily for work to manage my vast Google empire of files, docs, spreadsheets, and photos.
My question is, does it behave like a native Android tablet for these purposes? I want synced files available offline. I want photos stored locally. I often operate without internet connectivity!
Looking for AMOLED, stylus, and over 6gb of ram.
I was considering the Samsung S7+, but at $850 without a keyboard, and a $200 keyboard... The Lenovo duet caught my eye instead.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.06 23:17 WaterSocksBear Kudos Glitch??

Kudos Glitch?? I has almost 200,000 kudos when I logged out last night. I logged on today, and they're missing. Has anybody had an issue like this?
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