What is the worst meal you have ever had?

2022.01.17 07:28 IhateNonces What is the worst meal you have ever had?

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2022.01.17 07:28 SprinklesMission9365 Black clover. Fav female in black bulls

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2022.01.17 07:28 Jarviscodinghub CSE2031 Lab 5 solved

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2022.01.17 07:28 Most_hat3d09 For real

I am so tired of seeing you write to him. The whole time you were supposed to be with me!
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2022.01.17 07:28 tnizm H: Script Weapon 3* 50 pieces W: 20k cap

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2022.01.17 07:28 sleepystevie3000 Do you guys ever get overwhelmed trying to learn everything?

I'm not a new player by any means but my champ pool is relatively small and I only really understand bot lane. I keep floating through wanting to learn other lanes and champs, its so exciting but equally demotivating. I'm kind of getting comfortable with some champions in other roles but its still feels really clear that I have no idea what I'm doing, especially if a champ I'm used to playing is banned or taken. Even though I know I'm learning, losing and doing poorly is so demotivating and it usually ends up with me playing bot lane because I'm super ashamed of my performance and I want to feel better and comfortable again. When I try and keep myself motivated by being insightful I just get lost because I don't really understand what I need to be doing differently. I usually play a couple games of what I'm trying to learn and then give up.
Is learning other lanes possibly a waste of time? Should I be more strict and just force myself to spam one lane? Am I learning to play other lanes too late in my league career? Do you guys have any tips for motivation? Do you think lane and champ proficiency just come with time or should I be doing something in particular to close the gap? (I've watched some educational videos but theres a lot of conflicting info out there and some things are just so vague and hard to apply in practice.) How many of you can play one champ in each role?
I just really want to be less bad at the game and be able to flex comfortably so my friends can enjoy some time in the bot lane.
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2022.01.17 07:28 Tennants_Lager Aribo out on international duty. Arfield & Davis out injured. Jack & Roofe training with the team. Helander back but tomorrow too early for him. Itten is back with the squad

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2022.01.17 07:28 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Vehicle Accident-Injury US95 N / 15; nb to nb 01/17/2022 02:25:28 AM
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2022.01.17 07:28 miss_becaw [FO] Started this last July, just finished it last week. This project is why I started to cross stitch last April

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2022.01.17 07:28 random852393333 [Sankey] M32, Unternehmer, Jahresbericht 2021

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2022.01.17 07:28 11ntellectual Calamitas and Permafrost minifigs

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2022.01.17 07:28 Jarviscodinghub Homework 5 DSCI 552, solved

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2022.01.17 07:28 gintrux Oxaloacetate activates brain mitochondrial biogenesis, enhances the insulin pathway, reduces inflammation and stimulates neurogenesis

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2022.01.17 07:28 IndependenceStrict74 What are the Advantages of Ecommerce

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2022.01.17 07:28 FreddosLover Requesting help with energy rates and what's normal

Hello there,
Just wondering what kind of rate are people using at the moment? My parents have been on standard variable for a long long while and I think at some point it was a good idea, but they've gotten lazy and don't bother keeping up with that side of things anymore.
I've seen a lot of talk of price increases and, with us being on variable, I worry ours could shoot up if we don't look for a fixed term. I have checked on a few comparison websites and providers but they do not beat our previous, and current total annual variable costs at the moment (which is around £1,00 - £1,300 p/a for 5 people in our home on British Gas)
Is staying on a variable terms financial suicide with the coming price hike? Should I try to look and secure something a little higher now, to avoid the potential for even higher in the future? There are so many terms for quotes that I don't really understand a lot of them.
Any help is appreciated!
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2022.01.17 07:28 lunarlandtoken #1st AMA LUNARLAND

see? our first AMA with u/apelounge🔥
will be lit! see you on TODAY guys 🔥🚀
➡️AMA with Apelounge (https://t.me/Apelounge) this Monday at 6PM UTC

Lunar Land ($LUNL) is a fully decentralized gaming platform and will become one of the best open-world Metaverse. bridging Modern games onto the blockchain and giving players the ability to earn while playing. Blockchain. P2E. Metaverse. Virtual land. NFT. Gaming. $LUNL will be the primary utility token of the Lunar Land Metaverse. In Lunar Land Metaverse, each game that we release will represent its City. The first City that we release in the Lunar Land Metaverse is Relic Oasis City. 30% Initial Burn Before Presale.

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Host - Apelounge
(https://t.me/Apelounge)Guest - LunarLand (https://t.me/lunarlandcoin)
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2022.01.17 07:28 hibiscusm Where could I find a top like this ? (And what would you call it?) Thank you 🙏🙏

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2022.01.17 07:28 hubertsumlin Create PDF/DOC invoices from each Excel row?

I have a spreadsheet with around 300 rows, I need to generate a 300 PDFs or DOCs invoices using the info of each row. How could this be done? I appreciate your solution :)
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2022.01.17 07:28 DolbitSurround Где–то в параллельной вселенной

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2022.01.17 07:28 AllTheSmallWings Burned my bridges. Quit my job. Wasted all my money.

Im losing it dude. Someone's fucking with me and Im gonna fuck things up so he or she doesn't get the chance to. I know youre watching.
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2022.01.17 07:28 Professional_Gain315 Libraries in DElhi

What are some good libraries in north Delhi to get a book for yourself?
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2022.01.17 07:28 ContentForager2 Pauper format in Pokémon TCG (/r/pkmntcg)

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2022.01.17 07:28 Kaezumi To the people who have given up in achieving the dreams they once had, why?

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2022.01.17 07:28 maybeiamnotthere Should I tell him or move on ?

I have this friend.He is an INFP like me and probably a fearful avoidant attachment style.We weren't friends before but then we decided to stay friends because of some issues/misunderstandings.I really care for him,I think he is a great person and he says he really cares for me as well.We are very similar people in general.I can understand him easily,he can understand me easily.We are there for each other when we need.Classic two INFPs.
The reason why we decided to stay friends was because he is a bit different than most people.He is depressed so this may be a reason as well.He can sometimes get very distant and cold,sometimes replies to texts very late.I personally didn't have much of an issue with it,cos I'm a very understanding person,but I had a best friend at a time who told me that he is doing all those things because he is playing me.I believed everything my friend told me back then. Now that friend isn't even in my life.There was a lack of communication between me and him at that point so we decided it was best to be friends.
After staying friends he still had feelings for me according to him.I did,too.Then he started talking to this girl.I decided to tell him that I had feelings for him.I did.And he told me he doesn't have feelings for me anymore,he likes this girl,has a crush on her etc.I was like okay and we stayed friends.He broke up with that girl after a month because he realized he doesn't have feelings for her.It’s been 5-6 months since he broke up with her.
We only met up once in person . I now realize that I probably never even had feelings for the real him. I created this idea of him in my head and I had feelings for that ideal not for him.Friendship feelings ? Yes.I like the person he is.But in order to have real romantic feelings for someone I think you need to know them in person and like who they actually are not the idea of them.
He constantly tells me that I'm his close friend.He told me that he doesn't have any romantic feelings for anyone at the moment.
So I'm thinking,maybe I should tell him that maybe we should try "dating" ? To see if it works out this time.Because we have a deep connection but because of some misunderstandings/lack of communication we couldn't work it out.Maybe we can try to communicate openly with each other this time,have no end goal expectations(aka relationship) and just give it a try.Whatever happens happens.If it works out great,if it doesn't we can return back to our friendship.But I don't know.I don't know if I should tell him all this or just keep on being friends with him without having this talk.Idk,maybe you guys can give me some insight.
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2022.01.17 07:28 Jarviscodinghub Homework 4 DSCI 552, solved

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